I'm happy for those who have a mom that they can talk to about anything. It seems like moms have some magical power to make problems disappear, like a night light does with monsters under the bed. I don't have that relationship with my mom.. She left when I was young. I'm always for getting out of bad situations so I don't blame her. I just wish I had someone to talk to.
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:( I no how you feal me and my mum rarely talk but never talk about anything other then what's for dinner other then that I don't know her and well my dad he is a ***** and I hate him big time my sister is going out with a ***** who raped my ex so her choice was leve him or I have nothing to do with her even tho we don't get on but I feal like I don't have anything I'm always alone no one to speek to but I'm here you can talk to me so send me a messege we can talk threw that

we~ll i might not say so but still i'm happy to have a mom too,guess you can ask your dad to remarry or have a maid. . .

I know how you feel, my birth mom walked out on me and my family when i was 11 i was so attached to her she was my world. but when i found out she had an affair and tried stealing from us it took me awhile but i honestly withdrew all my love and trust i had for her. i thankfully have a stepmother i love alot just like she gave birth to me, but unfortunatly she lives in a different country because of her work but i wish i had a mother here 24/7 they comfort you in ways nobody can, its just that mother touch you need to make yourself complete mothers are special and if your birth mother is still around guys, make sure you cherish that

true that

Hi... (i hope you'll take time to read)

I came from a broken family and I would say that I was deprived when I was young.

When i was at a young age, my mom got married and have left me with my grandparents. I missed her always, but I don't have a choice and did tried to understand her that she already has her own family. I longed for her even now, we may still talk but the comfort that I am really looking for is not there... I am in a very painful situation now, the father of my daughter left us and lived with a married woman.. and as much as I would want to talk to her about this? I can't find comfort. It pains me even more

YOu know what, sometimes we have to face the fact that we can't get everything that we wanted, it may hurt but maybe it's just not them who could really help us, but "others", friends or maybe a stranger that will purposely be someone whom you will consider a blessing... We'll never know... keep looking and pray... I do that... and I have a lot of good friends now...

Don't lose hope, you're not the only one in that situation... there are even worse.. so take heart! Everything works together for good, OKAY?

You're very right, sorry to hear about your ex :( sounds like your daughter has a very good mother though.

thank you.. I had struggles, too.. being a mother is not easy.. but one thing I wanted to do? I don't wan't her to feel the way I feel towards my mother... I'm still praying for this, too...

Don't you worry princess, everything will be alright... I'll include you too in my prayers.. just message me if you like.. okay? take care...

I don't live with my mom but it really hurts seeing she's out there. Well, it's pretty hard. but we all need to take a step forward. Heyy anyways

Aww that's sad... God bless ur mom. :) feel free to talk to me :)