I have had suicidal thoughts for a while and I have talked to my cousin and mentor. I asked them how they would feel if I
committed suicide, they said they would be soooo upset. I need professional help but once again no where to be found. My last option would be to cut, so I can take away the way I am feeling. If I don't get help by the end of this yr I will do it!
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Is there a father and/or mother in the picture?

First I should tell you is I'm adopted so only a mom

As a mom myself, I can assure you that she loves you in a way that you may never understand. Even if she doesn't always show it. I also grew up without a mother and father- rejected by both. So I can understand that empty feeling sweetheart. Do you believe in God?

Wow. Yes I do

Hey I'm here as someone who's going though the same stuff I'd be more than happy to help you out

Hey, I'm here for you. Biggest advice to you is to NOT start cutting
You won't be able to stop, I'm here to help please message me :)