I often join random chats like Chatroulette or Omegle just to try and make some sort of conversation with another human being. Failing that, I'll talk to myself and start to realize how isolated I really am. I joke and make others at work laugh and seem so likable, but I never feel myself at work, it all is just an act so people can't see how depressing I am, how cynical and pessimistic I am, how badly I wish to escape the reality I currently endure. My family fought hard with me to beat back depression 10 years ago with me and they think it's gotten better. I'm just better at hiding it.
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depression is a terrible feeling, i go through this too.. chat sites like that are full of trolls, sex addicts, and annoying meme people. tbt im a loner as long as people acknowledge my existence im good to go. Get happy and if your not happy -_- forced it. you don't want that shadow to hunt you in your dreams again. :)

hmmm~~~ . . . . . you can talk to me: )

you sound like me bro, except you have a supportive family. I had to endure my internal pain all by myself. get well buddy.

You need to work on the inside of yourself. Look inside and ask why you're depressed. See if you can pinpoint the source(s).

You're wasting your time if you're looking for friends on Omegle or Chatroulette, they're all on there for video sex and most are old men with that wrinkly old sausages out.

that's what makes this suck so much, the fact that I'm desperate enough for some interaction that I'm willing to stand deep in the filth.