I fight it just for my kid!!!
So depressed that i want to brek free from everything. I hated my ex because he cut me real deep. Now im soooo lonely. I dont have sowmbody to love. Of course my kid is there its given. He is my life. But i also need somebody. Now im so lonely that if only i can leave everything for awhile and so what i want to do without judgment.
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• Needs Food It Gets Strong By The Promises Of God
• Needs Hearing Environment Ish 11;12
• Or It Will Chew On The Negative- Invest In The Mind
• Need Pictures Turning Goals Into Picture- Self talk Conversation- God’s World Contains Faith Needs Protect The Mind -Its Fragile -Have trouble With Mind,
• Mind Keeps Track -No Body Sees What You Experience
• Feed On psalms 119, 91 37 Wash The Mind, Absorb We Succeed With The Mind, A Focus An Instruction, Judas And John Has The Same Mentor
• We Can Have A Relationship With God But Not Through The Law.
• Talk Your Way Out, Sow Your Way Out A Walking Ware House Of Seed- by the words bought to us from heaven. Jesus bought it to us. it Leaves The mouth And Goes Into The Future.

He cant hold you, Christ bought you back.

How are you today? Do you feel better??

I know the feeling of loneliness only to well!

i feel you...

seek for a counselor... don't isolate your self... Do it for your child... your story is just like mine, even worse. i think... take care

There is always someone who wouldn't mind be with a great girl who has a kid. Don't lose hope!

if u need a friendly non judgemental ear feel free to message me