My mom attacked me and kicked me out and is telling everyone that I attacked her. She told my dad is attacked her and now he thinks I'm a horrible daughter. I tried to tell him the truth but he won't believe me. She told the family that I was the one that attacked her and she threatened to call the police on me. She attacked me. She attacked me and kicked me out on the streets in the dark. Now I'm grounded for a month and I can't see my friends or do anything. I feel so helpless. No one believes me and I can't say anything or I'll just be in more trouble.
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talk to jesus your friend, he brings the truth to light, and fixes all problems.

:( my dad did the same he punched me 6 times so it was punch back or get hit more so I took my swing at him and he wants me out but I ain't going any wear and he keeps pushing me to my limits and wen I snap at him he says some one in bad mood again obviously no idea he the reason but ye wen I hit him back he called the police on me so went on run for fue days but it will never end anyway I understand what your going threw and I'm here for you messege me would be nice to have a friend who knows what it's like x

Have you tried CPS?

No I'm not going to break up my family

I don't want her to get in trouble

Can she be reasoned with? Can you talk to her?

that must be hard for you...dont lose hope but keep going

I know how that feels one whole side of my family disowned me cause my mom told them how horrible of a kid I was and she now what's to force me to move back with her cause she doesn't like the guy I am dating and she doesn't want me to be able to be around him

I'm so sorry to hear that. I don't understand why this is even happening. I'm a good kid. I am in all honors and ap classes. I'm very involved. I hang out with a good crowd. I'm basically the second mom in my house because I'm the one always home taking care or everyone and cleaning and being responsible. I do a lot. For the last few weeks she has been treating me horribly and anything I say causes a fight. I feel so alone and helpless. I just want my mom to hug and tell me it's okay but she won't even get near me unless it's to hurt me.

Same here but since my mom left I am the mom of the house I have to take care of my grandparents and my addict father I haven't ever done anything to really make her mad besides want to finish my senior year with the people I have been with since I was in the fourth grade I didnt want to do my senior year by online classes I don't have bad people in my life beside the own family my boyfriend barely drinks yes he does smoke but that's his choice and if you ever need someone to talk to I am here for you cause I found out the hard way it's better to have one person on your side then have no one

Thank you so much. I'm so sorry that you are going through all of this. I'm a senior too. I just want to enjoy it.

Same here my boyfriend is suppose to be leaving in September for the national guard he said when he gets back we are gonna find our happily ever after

:) well I wish you the best with that. It's good you have your boyfriend there for support. I don't know what id do without mine

Thanks and again if you need someone to talk to vent to or just someone to get your mind off of stuff I am here for you

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I will keep you in prayer and thought. Do you need to talk?

Thank you. I feel so alone and helpless. I just want my mom.

I do and don't have mine. My sexuality and ways she hates.

I'm so sorry