I always feel alone I could just cry every night . No one considers my feelings
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That's sad. My heart goes out to you. There are good people who do care. Maybe you haven't found them. Seek them out.

• Needs Food It Gets Strong By The Promises Of God
• Needs Hearing Environment Ish 11;12
• Or It Will Chew On The Negative- Invest In The Mind
• Need Pictures Turning Goals Into Picture- Self talk Conversation- God’s World Contains Faith Needs Protect The Mind -Its Fragile -Have trouble With Mind,
• Mind Keeps Track -No Body Sees What You Experience
• Feed On psalms 119, 91 37 Wash The Mind, Absorb We Succeed With The Mind, A Focus An Instruction, Judas And John Has The Same Mentor
• We Can Have A Relationship With God But Not Through The Law.
• Talk Your Way Out, Sow Your Way Out A Walking Ware House Of Seed- by the words bought to us from heaven. Jesus bought it to us. it Leaves The mouth And Goes Into The Future.

He cant hold you, Christ bought you back.

It's tough to go through this but you could turn this negative into a positive and put this experience into your country song lyrics ... Expressing it may take away some of the pain too ...

Thank you :)

Your welcome ; ) Always remember a problem aired is a problem shared ... You can't always solve it instantly but sometimes with advice and help you can overcome it : )

if you need to talk im willing to talk don't be afraid to get a hold of me to chat with me!! i know what it is to feel alone !!

You give more than you receive and this is the byproduct of doing so. Start investing more into your own happiness.

I consider them.

Thank you message me ❤️

I feel the same way and I'm so sorry you have to endure the pain alone. There are people here who would love to speak with you if it can make you feel any less alone. Sometimes people can be really selfish and, even whether or not they mean to, they can make us feel small and insignificant. I'm here if you want to talk. Stay strong and remember; you are not alone.

Thank you I'm here if you need me also

If you ever need someone to talk to, message me

The storm won't last forever. I've almost taken my own life. Please stay strong. I think you're really brave for holding onto life even though there's so much pain that you don't want to. That's courage to me. You are amazing enough for that. Please don't give up. Even if things don't get better immediately, the poison will leave slowly. xxP.S. If you ever wanna chat I'm happy to listen

Thank you so much message me ☺️

Boy do I know that feeling. And it feels like no one gives a flip about you. You don't feel like any one in this world has your back but every body else want you to have their back.

Exactly ^

I feel exactly the same. But I WILL consider how u feel.

I am sorry you are sad. I am willing to listen if you want to talk