I Fight Them All the Time . I Learn to Change the Depression Not to Be

I fight depression and lonelyness.

I learn to go out in the world. I hate noise and kids yelling .

But learn to deal with it.

And i am going back to school. And see what happens.

i am going to excerident with ladys.

i am trying to go out in crowds.

I am on here and I am not alone.

I dont like to go to the library and get on the internet and I hate to do that.

People fight to get on the computer some time .

But I did.

I find out I am not as depressed and lonely this year.

Last year I was head to a group home.

Talking to some one on the internet .

He was closed to me and we spent most the time on the  internet.

Find some thing to get your self out of the depression and lonelyness.

I don't like to be around people . But i made my self do it .

I love myself more today.

Change myself and now I am not so depressed about my self.



lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
Mar 8, 2009