There Isnt a Day...

...that goes past when i wont feel depressed or at some point lonely. i hate feeling like thins cos it is very controlling over my life, i am a college student and last year was my first year at college and depression ruined alot of my last year until i got to a point were i wasnt bothered with my results cos i new that i couldnt pass because of the things that had gone on through the year. this now means i could have to stay there for 3 years instead of 2 and also if it manages to control my next year like it did my last, i probably wont make it to the end of the year this time.....i hate the control it has.....but i guess its just cos im weak and dont know how to fight it.....
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this is what I would've somehow described how I was feeling if I knew this site existed 7 years ago.

Try vitamin D. 3000 iu in the morning and also vitamin B complex time release. These two vitamins will boost your mood. Also exercise even running in place helps. Eat protein. Especially tuna and salmon. Stay away from fake sugars like aspartame and msg. Research on the internet fot natural cures for depression. You re not alone. Don t give up

i totally relate with this. i'm in the same position. i'm failing my second year and just about scraped through my first. i think i'm weak for letting it effect my life so much but i don't really think you can call depression a weakness. it's an illness, and it does effect everyday life. i'm contemplating telling my doctor because i wanna get my life back on track

you aren't weak.<br />
you got on this website, didn't you?

MY family on both sides has lousy brain chemistry...most of us are either depressed or bi-polar. We aren't weak,,,,,genetically disadvantaged. I have gone through my whole life fighting depression and when the stress piles up the depression gets works. I wish I didn't have to take meds but it "lowers the bottom"....I feel bad but not desperate. I hope you can find a good counselor.......the best counselors are not psychiatrists.

I feel weak sometimes and that's normal, but it's no longer normal if you feel weak every now and then. You just have to try to be strong and stand still, or at least have a friend to talk with. A friend who will be there for you and will help you to get through. If you need a friend, I'm here :)

Load up the bong,crank up the song! Works for me.

Made me smile really big.

your not weak at all. you should be proud you got as far as you did. celebrate your acheievments no matter how small. i didnt get as far as getting an education, because of depression. so you are much stronger than me. better to have tried and failed , than never tried at al.

I feel exactly the way you do and i am now in my second year - having to resit all my first year stuff because I broke my arm and couldn't do anything that year (my course is merchant navy and doesnt allow scribes for exams)<br />
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Stay strong and seek help - I have sought help for some things but because there is so much going on I've found it better for myself to seek help only for a few things and keep the rest to mysekf for fear of people thinking I've always got something wrong.<br />
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Seek help and dont feel guilty for having a laugh when you can. I sometimes go out and talk to a few friends who I don't know very well and who don't know my situation and its liberating not too have to feel depressed in front of them - i know how i feel but i can be my old self in front of them and thats what they expect as they dont know anything is wrong - i can just let go - maybe this might be something you could do.<br />
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Try getting enough sleep and going out for a walk sometimes - i find it really hard to do this but when i do i feel better, i listen to my music and i drift into another world.<br />
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i hope you feel better soon<br />
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You are not weak. I hope that you are seeking help.<br />
You are not alone.<br />