i am suffering from discolouration of skin called vitiligo from past 13 years now i am a 20 yrs old girl studying engineering n a statelevel basketball player. though i make up my mind but sometimes i feel very bad, i cry aloud, completely depressed. i have started liking a boy but due to this i m depressed as he may not like me
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You are probably liked for WHO you are by this boy and not what you look like. Blind people fall deeply in love- which shows you how UNIMPORTANT looks really are. Be true to what you believe in. If you dont like the consition of your facial skin there are tons of makeup solutions for you. But I dont think its nearly as important as how you live tour life and treat people. You are a unique person- celebrate your adversity and prove to the world that "looks" are less than skin deep and certainly not what defines your person!

life goes on, you have to accept yourself before others will accept you. if they don't move on there's someone who will. I say go for it! guys love girls with confidents it makes their job less difficult.

i'm sorry you're going through this, i have it on my back and didn't know for the first 11 years of my life! no one ever told me, and i guess i never watched myself in the mirror from the back... it wasn't until i was invited to a pool party and yes i wore one of those silly backout 1 piece swim suits, everyone started backing away from me and i kept being asked if i was burned if i had a disease everyone just saying eeeeww omg omg and i'm wonder what they're talking about not caring that ,much i thought they were joking! i went home and asked my mom if i had something on back and she said where what part? i lifted my shirt up and she pointed to the middle of my back said yes you have vitiligo you always did. i took a good look in the mirror and all i could say is OMG how did i go this long without knowing! my sis has it on the front she developed it after she got older.

if someone really likes you he will like you for who you really are and not for not you look like. i don't know how bad your vitiligo is and what colour your skin is but you can always cheat a little bit. i use make-up, bronzing and camouflaging creams to hide it. it always keeps coming back but it makes a difference. it is very frustrating that you always have to be so precise when colouring your skin otherwise it will look even worse but you have to live your life and enjoy it. this is what my boyfriends tells me everyday that i need to forget about my sun hat and just enjoy the sun for a moment, that i don't need to over-stress because of a few spots. He also keeps lying to me that he doesn't see anything wrong with my skin but I know he hates it just as much as I do. Just forget about your skin condition for a moment, use a lot of sun screen so you won't get burned, make yourself beautiful, put on make-up, wear gloves and hats and clothing that will cover your body but still make you look good. remain confident and happy. Best of luck!

Stay strong! My brother suffered from the same but what you have to realise is no matter what anyone says or does you are a beautiful, unique individual, there is only one of you and if that boy really is worth it he'll love you despite your flaws.

Isn't that what Michael Jackson had?<br />
<br />
anyway, I've been dealing with depression too.<br />
And I've been in the same situation as you. I've been majorly infatuated with a girl who just doesn't feel the same way.

You are wrong. It was proven in his autopsy that he really had vitiligo. His autopsy report is available online, anybody can check it out.