My Fight For Happiness

Everyday morning I awake to sadness and loneliness. I drag myself out of bed in hopes of something special happening that would make my world different. My days go by in a blur and my night are cold and silent. My dream is have that coldness replaced by a loving and caring warm body to tell everything is going to be alright. My body is yearning to be held, touched and loved, my body is like a raging fire ready to be tamed. My heart is pounding for a life with happiness, laughter and love. It seems like my my heart loses a piece everyday I go without happiness. I hope god sends me happiness before my heart dies.
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May you be blessed for letting me know I'm NOT the only one feeling this way...I send you love.

I can relate. So, hugs?

What exactly do hot lines do ? I mean do they read from a sc<x>ript ?<br />
Do they have someone there telling them what to do >?<br />
I don';t know. But i know i am so ready for my life to end. I cannot handle all the negative that is in my life right now. yeah yeah yeah. It gets better. blah blah blah. But in my case is hasn't.<br />
I have nothing left.. I think my upset my adoptive father, and i e-mailed him a few times for him to please e-mail and talk to me, and well of course that did not happen. So, he knows i am hurting but still does not e-mail me ?????? K hurt me a little more. Oh wait-u can't.!!!<br />
That is why i want to just go. I took some pills last night, and some today, but i guess u need to take quite a bit for it to work. I got lots of them for tonight. I just i didn't have such a bad life, and that someone truly loved me. I dropped hints to my father, my daughter, and to someone else.<br />
NOTHING> Well what does that tell u? I went thru this once before, but the therapy did not last long enough, i did not get enough help, and look where it has me now...I just hope everyone out there has at least one person out there who loves them and tells them. That would be living for.<br />
Thanx for readin.

i feel that way everyday i ask god for strength i stoped believig in him

I know how you feel. It is terrible. I hope it gets better.

Hey;<br />
I feel so lonely on so many levels<br />
<br />
*BIG hug*<br />
hang in there

i know just exactly how you feel, i am 60 years old an i can't remember a time that i have really been happy.

i know exactly how u feell..i feel this way too :/

hope you feel better

hugs from me too <br />
i feel terribly lonely a lot of the time also..<br />
<br />

Sending you big Hugs. I know the feeling. It is very difficult.