Past Sell By Date And Lonely

Hubby divorced me in middle age.  I haven't had the guts to accept the two marriage proposals I did have two years ago.  I wish I didn't pass up on one.  I am so alone and spend three days a week alone in my place with no one to talk with.  I think of suicide daily.  I feel hopeless.  I can't change my circumstances.  I am trapped in this life. 

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I understand how you feel. I have screwed up so many relationships in my life...You are Never past your sell by date. Remember that you (the real essense of you) is beyond time. Read the book A New Earth; Awakening to your life's purpose by Eckhart Tolle. You feel like you have woken up out of a bad dream and now here you are wanting to turn back time, but you can't. I am there too. I was suicidal, and if I hadn't read this book, I probably wouldn't be here now. I still beat myself up, but every day is getting better. Also renew your mind in the word of God (the Bible), once you know who you are in Christ, you will begin to see that He has amazing things planned for you. Remember this life is just a wisp of time...eternity goes on forever and your treasure is waiting there. God bless you and remember you are not alone!

please know there are other here that would be happy to help you though this ...i'm always here to talk with ...i will pray for you

Thank you for your comments. I have a hard time with people. I have been hurt so bad that trust is a big issue. I think I have wronged some people and don't know how to say sorry.

I feel your pain = I know it too well. Hang in there . I know it's easier said than done . I don't know , maybe misery loves company . Your not alone . I could write all kinds of things to you but when your alone at home all by yourself typed words don't take the place of someone just being with you . Keep on struggling along and again one day you'll have someone that wants to personally look at you and be with you . Till then if you want just imagine that I'm there . Know that I share your feeling . I'm sorry , I hope I didn't overstep boundaries . I 'm just needing someone . Have a good evening and a good day tomorrow . When I'm drinking my favorite special coffee before beginning the day I'll think of you and hope that both of us have a good day . Take care . Your not spiritually alone . I'm with you .