I have a skin problem- psoriasis, in fact. I was born with it and I don't have the money to do much about it aside from the holistic stuff.

But any way, I have a skin problem and I don't have to be told how repulsive it is- believe me I already know. So, when the one person in the world that's suppose to understand this writes a nasty note calling it repulsive, it sort of reinforces my loneliness in the world. It's like I have an impenetrable wall of sadness built around me. I want to be able to trust people again but...

How can I trust anyone when this person, my own father, thinks I'm repulsive? How do I face the world with that?


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I am so sorry that this is your experience. psoriasis is a common skin disorder and is hardly something I would call 'repulsive'. I'm sorry that financial difficulties are stopping you from obtaining medical care. Your father needs a little lesson in reality. If it is possible avoid contact with him, then do so. This is what I did to my brother, when he wouldn't support my therapy, medications, or even accept that I was sick at all. This was very hurtful, but I stood my ground and eventually he came around and started to ask more relevant and supportive questions. Don't take sh*t from anyone, it wasn't your choice to have this problem and no one has the right to put you down!!<br />
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Good Luck<br />