Pressure Pushing Down On Me

It was May of 1987 when I experienced something I’ll never forget and never share with anyone until now. I’m sharing it because I’d like to get opinions about it. I was only 18 at the time and in Ft. Dix, New Jersey for basic training. I was in my bunk for the night reflecting on the day’s activities. Eventually thoughts of my girlfriend dominated my mind. This is when I came up with a not-so-bright idea.

My mother is into the spiritual/paranormal stuff and even though I didn’t put much stake into it, I did enjoy reading about it all. Well that reading lead me to come up with the not-so-bright idea of projecting myself (astral projection) to my sweetheart’s location in Florida. So lying on my back, in my bunk, I closed my eyes and began focusing on a distant dark purplish-bluish color and envisioned myself flying up in that direction. Some time into this “meditation” I must have fallen asleep…I guess.

I don’t know for how long I was in this state; however, I was eventually jolted awake by a pressure pushing down on me. There was nothing malevolent about it—it was akin to having a woman lay softly on you. The feeling scared me nonetheless and I popped my eyes open. The pressure immediately vanished and no one was there. I also noticed that I was lying in my bunk with my arms crossed like a mummy’s, weird. A crack of lightning occurred at that moment and I realized a thunderstorm was raging outside.

The whole thing, simple as it may seem, left me spooked enough to never try such a thing again.
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Another option (If you're looking for a physical explanation) it couldn't been sleep paralysis

Could have been. The pressure I felt might have been that, but I distinctly felt it was female or at least something gentle.

No I just think you sucessfully projected to her location, and you were feeling the aftereffects of physical contact with her via the astral.

That would have been awesome if I had exploited it. Too bad I was scared off. I wonder how improved my astral projection would be today if I had continued to practice with it.

Well I'm no expert on astral travel but if you said you were awake when that happened I would have said a spirit girl was trying to have her way with but I guess you not that lucky. It can be a real pain sometimes even if it was. Still none the less it sounds like a interesting experience thanks for sharing.

You're welcome. What you're saying sounds like it would have been fun. How can such an experience "be a real pain sometimes" ?

You shouldn't be spooked. I believe that you succeeded and the pressure you felt was a "phantom contact" with your girlfriend, nothing untoward. My arms frequently become crossed, muscles relaxed and back perfectly straight when I astral project or engage in psychic work, through subtle and subconscious movement. It helps to align your body to transfer energy better.<br />
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I imagine that the storm was just a coincidence, that freaked you out because it coincided with a successful astral projection.<br />
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Sometimes when I astrally project I do so consciously, other times I fall asleep and dream the thing I was trying to reach. Whenever I have checked up on information discovered during one of these events it has been accurate.<br />
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I don't think what you did is anything to be afraid of.

Cool, thanks. I was concerned that I might have been approached by something trying to get into my body. That's why I never tried it again.