Small Raid

Sriffle, who has been following our group, is clearly under demonic attack, and needs to be cleansed.

Sriffle, I will need you to send some information to me or someone else in the group you trust so that we can send our spiritual energy there, or if possible do a full on astral projection there, and gang up on the demons fighting you.
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I not able remember whole dreams but few part

How ru today?

I just hope I can get in enough astral projection practice so I can get there diggers spell set me back a few days so I'm kinda out of practice by a bit. So I plan on practicing a bit today and hopefully be ready by the time of the raid.

Please wait for Beaverton and prepare. We do not need numbers here, we have the situation under control.

In the meantime, there are 600 "legions" of spider demons rolling around. Not sure what cities they are all in, one legion in the springs, maybe not all 600 are down. This is not something you should even think about annihilating singlehandedly. But perhaps you could scout some more of them out, and maybe take on small ones that won't get noticed.

If the spell hasn't broken by the moment of the full moon message me. It should end on or even a day before it though.

Can I use the sky heart in beaverton? It would make a nice draw back place if things get to rough it took me a whole weak to make and has a heavy offense and defense system. The time it took to make might not be that impressive but Im' pretty sure it will do the trick.

We have a place to fall back to. However, I have no problem with you using whatever you have, just keep in mind that if you spent 3 hours on it it will only increase your strength by about 10%.

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I am just not convinced that he will act "in an essentially non evil manner". If you think he will, though that is good enough for me.<br />
I do expect to be taking it easy for a while as well, so no worries there. And I will me meditating / focusing on healing and being fully prepared for the next major raid.

I could say the same about you buddy. I'm not evil a little misunderstood but not evil and in my opinion if your fighting something like these things it's better to whipe the out rather then letting some get away and paying for it latter.

I understand where you are coming from and I even sympathize, but this isn't just my group even though it has my name on it, it is a group whose actions both individually and collectively are directed by powerful positive energy beings. I am under the impression that I do not have the right to tell someone who is willing to work with the Resistance that they cannot become a part of the resistance unless I am specifically instructed to so by higher beings.

Noxas, Any statement along the lines of "I'll go but....(I'll do something that makes me feel like the star of the show in violation of the actual plan)" is going to be met with refusal.<br />
<br />
If you want to come on the next Beaverton attack with us, when it goes down, and you can have a full shield and 30 hours of psychic weaponry saved up, and are willing to follow the plan, and not try and pretend you are stronger than people with more training and experience, talk to us as equals and not like you are some sort of superhero admonishing children, that is fine with me.<br />
<br />
Joph, I totally and completely see where you are coming from, BELIEVE me. However, my instructions are that regardless of belief, anyone who is willing to oppose these beings in essentially any nonevil manner should be welcomed. I myself am supposed to be organizing a resistance, not recruiting for an army. You saw yourself that I acted to prevent Noxas from threatening our mission, and if I feel it is necessary I will do so again. However, I do invite his participation, provided he is, frankly, willing to behave like an adult.<br />
<br />
I would like to make one more observation, however. Jophiel and I disagree about many things, both spiritually and otherwise, however those disagreements have never interfered with our ability to work together according to an agreed plan to confront entities that we and other people can independently corroborate, nor do we claim to have ridiculous strength, and while individuals may have been selected for certain purposes, our psychic/spiritual/magickal/astral strength comes from experience and training, and we can all recognize it. Noxas, you HAVE experience, which makes you stronger than any amateurs, and a person I would like to have on my team. However, your arrogance, overconfidence, and unwillingness to follow a plan gives me some serious concerns. First of all, I am severely worried you will deny psychic wounds and refuse to spend the long hours necessary after a psychic combat to repair yourself (Joph, I have some concerns about you as well on this regard although they are not as serious, someone commented on one of your stories that you have unhealed psychic wounds and they are right. I am really concerned about the injury you got fighting the leader, and how it might affect your combat ability. It seemed closed over but not refilled with energy). Second, your claim that something you spent four minutes one can multiply your strength by 100 and your claims of massive kill counts and illusion that size matters tells me you have little concept of the strength of energy and energy beings, which is a tool they can use against you. It takes, pretty consistently, 30-40 hours of stored energy, to create something that will double your strength. This is ba<x>sed on consistent findings from more than 50 people in my old group, independently corroborated, and includes people with all sorts of special aspects and talents and the energy used for combat on the "astral" is the same energy used in magick, faith healing, and similar feats, so if you could accomplish energything you claim you would be capable of amazing feats. I am not saying you have to belief everything that we believe, indeed Joph and I have wildly different beliefs, but you have to understand the basic limitations of the human body, and how it interacts with psychic/astral energy.

I don't really need to worry about unhealed wounds each time I return to my body no matter how hurt I am if any I heal rather quickly some takes an hour some only a matter of minutes I feel them heal which is how I know. As for the super hero part I never said anything of the sort I just don't like fighting things that don't have much of a challenge it would be like swatting flies and now fun at all. So I try to look for something thats at least some what challenging enough to where it takes more then one shot to kill the longer it lasts the more fun it is to fight otherwise it's boring as hell. And I highly dought that I could mess up your plan by not going by it I'm only one person you know it's not like a whole army is trying to get past the small fries to get to the stronger one. One or two people can easily get past them without being seen and if they do get seen that can easily be taken care of.

I'll go but doesn't mean I'll stick with the small fries last night I had to take on one which was rather big for a small fry but it's strength said otherwise. Anyways back on subject yellow eyes huh sounds like some of the ones I've fought before but can't say for sure there's quite a few out their with golden eyes which glow a bright gold almost yellow which is why the color gets mistaken for yellow. I bet if you guys saw me in astral you'd likely mistaken me for one of them by the eye color at least.

You will not go, nox.

Who says I want to fight also you know.

And how am I suppose to prove I can help without the chance to prove it. Does that really sound fair to you?

You already proved that you cannot help. You are too self absorbed and delusional to help anyone. Not to mention having little or no control over your emotions.

Who died and made you king I'm not delusional an if I seemed like it it was diggers fault for using that binding spell in the first place because I didn't start making threats until he used it so there! And I'm actually a lot better at controlling my anger then I used to be but I don't tolerate certain things that are said who they say everyone has their flaws well that would be one of mine.

I used a binding spell because you threatened to go into a combat that would have screwed the pooch. When I told you it would put human life in danger, you responded that you did not care. So I bound you to protect you from putting human life in danger. You responded with childish, impotent threats. I can hardly see how I bear any responsibility for that.

Just because I don't care if a person lived or died doesn't mean I would do anything to screw up a mission all I suggested was a air strike to provide cover for the members on the ground. Whats wrong with that?

everything is wrong with that!

I honestly don't see the problem it would only be one ship with high energy rounds it's not like it'd be aiming for humans or anything like that just the dark kind and that was for the beaverton mission. It's one of my older projects I did for that exact reason to go from place to place killing off dark kind. I haven't been able to test it out in the field yet and it's just sitting there in the rifts collecting dust why waste I good peace of art so what's the harm of testing it out?

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Sounds good to me. I will be ready by then.

Regarding Spider demons:
I was fighting these things at the same time you were, both before and after the message, just doing so in person or from physically very close by.

We still have a great deal to go. They had survivors hidden, and their force was still stronger than I thought it was(1/3/8/400+ not 1/2/5/300+). Probably isn't now though. Do you know what you guys took out?

Seems a few guards, but mostly wounding the leader. Good job on that!

Took out a small horde of little ones, didn't count. Killed some kind of demonic leader, and wounded the main guy badly.

Ok, Maddy you will need to channel positive energy, light and love to Sriffle. You may need his real name and address, or at least the town he lives in, in order to find him.<br />
<br />
Sriffle, what cemetery, they do often hang out in those places....<br />
<br />
we will hit the cemetery and then follow the entities back to you and cleanse you totally.<br />
<br />, me, Joph, and any volunteers.<br />
<br />
Tuesday night ok? Joph will probably want 3:30 Mountain time again, which works very well for me.

Okay, I will try my best :) Hopefully this will help. YAY, I'm excited to make my first difference! :P

DIGGER, I WANNA HELP! I can't Astral Project to Sriffle and fight demons, but I can send the spiritual energy!!! Just tell me HOW

Anything I can do to help? Just let me know.