Another Strange Vision

Last night I had two dreams / visions. I have no idea if they are related or not.

The first one:
I was in an unholy place, like a satanic temple or something. There were many unholy and evil people and beings there, and they all looked at me but kept their distance. I read some kind of inscription or engraving at the temple on a huge bronze fixture covering half of one wall, which was apparently why I was there, then I walked out. No one tried to hurt me or follow me. They seemed either surprised or afraid.

The second one:
I was a vampire for some reason. I had pale skin that was almost gray. I was on a wooden boat, with people on it, and I was trying to keep in the shade as much as possible, keeping the sun off me. I was afraid. (I think they were taking me somewhere to kill me?) Soon, I am in a wide open area on land and away from the boat, in the sun. I think I am about to die, when several other vampires somehow rescue me. I find myself in a cool underground place out of the sun. I am badly burned on my stomach. As I look down at my chest, I see several small bronze plates, squarish shaped, that seem to be imbedded in my flesh. They have inscriptions and pictures on them, and sand under them.

This is all... The only commonality I can see is the bronze inscribed plates. I have no idea what they mean, or why I saw them. There was very little to indicate a time period in either dream. The ship was wood, and the temple was stone. I saw nothing modern, but that doesn't really mean anything.

Ideas anyone?

Edit: I have looked at various pictures of ancient writing today, and I believe the inscriptions were Sumerian.

Edit 2: I just remembered that right after I woke up, I heard the name Sandalphon. This is the name of an angel, but I heard nothing else.
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So then if that is indeed the case it gives us a clue that at least one of the visions took place in the past.

good point.

I never heard of a real vampire that gets burned by the sun either. Lots of wanna be sanguarians, though.<br />
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Yeah, the plates are the key. Maybe I will see them again at some point. I do not think I would recognize the exact words, unfortunately.... I was doing well to identify the language. Maybe next time.<br />
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I had that thought... you may be right on there.

The elder vampyres are burned by the sun, but they made it possible for modern vampyre too be out in the sun, it hurts however it doesnt kill, but as you say most who claim to be vampyres are wanna be.

Wish i could help more however my knowledge is limited to what my spirit allows me to know and my mind is still too clouded

I honestly am not sure. I have a feeling that if we knew what the plates said things would make a lot more sense.<br />
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The only vampires I have met are psychic vampires and wannabe. I have never met one who is burned by the sun. That is not to say they don't exist, they very well might.<br />
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The insc<x>ription could be some sort of Magickal language ba<x>sed in or similar to Sumerian, (or just magick in Sumerian) which would explain the bronze plates as part of a black magick working that the vampire you were seeing from had done to it or did to itself. It would also make sense for a similar insc<x>ription, probably in it's original structure, to appear on a Satanic temple. Individual parts of this "key" might appear on the plates for a certain spell (I know you know some Enochian Magick, which can work this way, but I don't see a vampire as being likely to use Enochian, though I could be wrong)