Bull Rushed Awake

The dream: Last Sunday the 25th of September I walked into my room, approached, and then stood beside my sleeping form in bed. I turned to lay on myself (or into myself) and was startled by a tall dark figure standing to the right of the door I just walked through. The thing immediately bull rushed me!

The reality: An overwhelming fear came over me. At first I struggled to awaken but then quickly growled myself to wakefulness. I propped myself up to steel myself for the charge to only blink at nothing but a slight movement of air passing over me. That was weird I thought. As I let my gaze wonder through the dark my eyes focused on a blurry red area akin to the red dots one sees after viewing a bright light. In that mottled red haze I saw the most grotesque face leering at me. Perplexed, I just looked at it while it faded away into the dark.

“What the hell,” I mumbled, shaking my head. I put my head on my pillow and confidently slept. Yea that’s right, confidently. Somehow I knew whatever it was was gone.
Lixivious Lixivious
41-45, M
2 Responses Sep 28, 2011

That sounds pretty scary your lucky thats all that happened.

Yea it was scary but only the initial realization of their presence caused most the fear. After I detected them and stood my ground the fear vanished.

Well that's good by the way has anything else happened since then if I may ask?

No, nothing.

It sounds like you were being observed. Did you get a negative sense from the entity?

If you mean evil when you say negative, the answer is definitely. I perceived the tall dark figure to be separate from the grotesque leering face. Both were menacing and I have the impression that they were not happy with my intensity and willingness to fight when I awoke.