Good Vs. Evil

A common theme that I see continuasly rearing it's ugly head in this EP group and other similar groups is the position (belief) that good or evil cannot exist without the other. This is misleading.

The idea that good and evil are some kind of dichotomy- two parts of a whole, each part being a subset called good and the other evil, and both being jointly exhaustive as well as mutually exclusive- isn't accurate. This implies that God was both good and evil then divided into two, expelling all that was evil and retaining all that was good but yet forever locked at odds with the rejected evil. This is not true in the least. 

The principle behind yin yang is one of balance and not of existence or of moral judgments. To say that good needs to be balanced with evil in some kind of cosmic order/law of the way things just naturally are in the universe- is deceptive. Why? Yin-yang is a philosophy, a way of living ones life and how to best balance the things that influence that life; however, yin yang is not the definition of good or evil. It does not address what the two are.

Through simple a priori one can conclude that good does not need evil to exist, but evil does need good for it to exist. What! Some of you might say. That's right, by simply sitting on my sofa while gorging on Cheetos and gazing out the window- I am able via a priori alone to arrive at this very conclusion. So here we go:

  1. God is absolute good and in so being is incapable of creating evil. But God created Lucifer and he's evil. Yes, but God created him good and gave him free will just as he gave man free will. It was through this free will that the first sins were committed-- already we can see that good existed before evil and therefore does not need evil to exist.

  2. Good exists. Evil, to the contrary, is like a lamprey, leech, or parasite existing only to feed off of and to corrupt good. Good propagates good while evil only corrupts good. Evil does not and can not propagate itself.

That's about it. Pretty simple. I know. It would seem that a convoluted deep reasoning would be necessary, but hey, all great theories are simplified to a few  concise phrases for the ease of discussion.

The main thing is to understand that all these alternative thoughts about evil are just ways evil gains a foothold in our lives where normally it wouldn't.     

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No this is not a conundrum, nor is it "too hard to get" as you so eloquently put it. An effort has to be made though to not look at good vs. evil as some kind of dichotomy or yin yang. Evil is a product of free will. Grasp that concept and you're on your way to understanding why good can exist without evil while the reverse is not true.

Ohh, I get it, because if evil existed without good... The behavior would seem normal... Er, wait... Uhh... Umm... Uhhhhhmmmmmm.... Is this a conundrum or is it just too hard for me to get. Oof, I'll sleep on it.<br />
<br />
The statement below is true.<br />
The statement above is false.<br />

its light when its day, and its dark when its night, well except if you live in the city, its day all the time there. but besides that, its still somewhat referring to good and evil, good being symbolized with light, and evil with darkness. am i wrong?

That is correct. Using light and dark as a metaphor for good and evil is commonly done. I don't like to do that because the universe is predominantly void of light. This could lead to the misconception that there is more evil in the universe than good.

well, maybe there is more evil, then there is good. there is certainly more evil on earth.

Yeah from like 80 years ago which is from a lot of bad things that happened from that time period.

Light and dark is not good and evil.

I wasn't using it as a mediphor I was referring to the two types of energy that stand above elemental energy like fire and water. Light and darkness are energy the NEE's are beings composed of dark energy while most other beings are composed of light energy. How ever most humans have trouble channeling light energy and move onto elemental energy instead. Good and evil are behaivors while light and darkness aren't light being positive and darkness being negative as some people put it.

@nox: Sorry, I was addressing grimking12's statement, but if I were discussing energy, I'd tend to agree with you. However, if you see everything in positive or negative energies, how do you distinguish between good or evil? How do you determine who's got your back, so to speak?

okay let me make something clear, what you guys are talking about is aura distinctions. i hate it when people say light "energy" and dark "energy" , look energy is energy mass times acceleration. what your talking about is aura distinction. light tone of aura and dark tone of aura. please get it correct!

Actually I'm discussing good vs evil, everyone else keeps talking about positive/negative energy or light/dark as if they have something to do with good and evil- they don't.

that may be true but in popular culture they are. and majority of humans do associate them together.

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Well I don't really see things being put into things like good and evil I see things more like light and darkness but thats me.

Personally I can live in a existence ruled by either good or evil didn't matter too me. But the NEE's are another story their not a evil force humans can be evil non-human entities can be evil. The NEE's/dark kind as I like to call them run on instinct mostly which is found in every beast form type of dark kind but the human forms can think and can be evil if they weren't around then the beast forms probably wouldn't have been known to humans. The human form ones can think while the beast forms only act on instinct which is why people run into beast forms in astral quite often is because someone in the human form ranks created a organization to control the beast forms and weaker human forms.

Hey Nox,

My knowledge of NEE is limited to these boards and what I've read from Digger so can't say much about them.