Ego Freaking De ... Sentio ... Inanis ... Aliquid Est Adventum, Malum ...

Est hic. Est circa nos. Sunt vix. Currunt. Omne fidei sit aliquid habere ... Sine dubio omnes qui quærunt eam nocere ... Factorem supra i sentire malum est de fieri ... Ego realy turpis similis affectum ...
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7 Responses May 20, 2012

There are no demons here... Do not let your fear turn to paronoia. Allow positives into your lives so that the good can flow through you, so that you can grow within your own power and become closer to the God Source and triumph over all evil.<br />
Friends must unite. Go forward with peace in your heart, anger and courage in your soul, and wisdom for justice in your minds.<br />
<br />
Relms Xx

My dear relmsoflight, the words i typed were not spells, those are astral languages. It have no meaning to be spells.

no.. in my town and around my home.. something was happening and they were gathering... to much of the dark at once.. it scared me... i had to leave... but when i returned i couldnt find nothin of thier presence.... but someone keeps leaving fabric on my doorstep

If i were you, i just spread out my energy, than they will go away. About the fabric, sense it, if good, take it, or not, if not good throw away, but trace who is it come from by your sense of mind.

who said anything about spells ?! 0_o

Fu...fu.. Yea, i think im the one here in full of misundestanding. I admit it. :)

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Mere van isech nora, hmm could be said zaram fath ameyr hath. Nallo say this to your sister, aroum mara mein tarva vicgaa. Thank you.

daemones sunt iaculis aliquis hic

Ok I just translated it but what's it suppose to mean and while did he post it in Latin?

Ok if their speaking in code that's for private messages.

Fu..fu..fu.. Amerda vere richtum seich imarda, my friend. Vuarta deisch sein est tarte.:)

Um english please this sounds like a spell rather then a post what are you doing?

its Latin

So, thats why i dont recogniced some of words.