Does Anybody Know What This Is

ok so I've been reading up on the basics and stuff and im still trying to open my 3rd eye and all. but the other day when i was really trying to open it and learn a bunch of stuff, that night when I went to sleep with my husband, I saw this blue...ness. in rings going towards his heart. it was weird... think of targets logo, that red bullseye looking thing. it was like that except it was moving into where his heart would be. like the rings would shrink into a bullseye and another ring would come....etc, etc... he was already asleep so i doubt it was anything he was feeling. just wondering if anybody has had a similar experience.
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A hallucination.

I pray that you haven't fallen into believing this bs astral war. Don't get sucked into fantasy.

well they have some good ideas about getting in tune with yourself within. idk if they mean like a literal war if thats what you mean

Yeah, seriously. Fighting on the astral plane. I've been talking to a few of them and they have seriously gone off the deep end. I have a few stories in the group "I want to protect the astral plane against morons". I don't normally get on people about their business, but these ideas could seriously damage the astral world.

hmm... i'll keep that in mind lol

First time I've heard of this my guess he was absorbing energy which can look different depending on the person seeing it but that's just a theory I don't know what else it could be.

really? cuz I WAS feelin' the love.. lol

All I can say is the blue is his ora posily indicating how a small part of him feels but look in to that! rings usualy represent something that's neverending