Hypocritical People

You know the years that I live humans have amazed me with their inhumanity in the name of God (or Gods). You all seem so fixated on demonic intrusion that you don't see whats in front of you all the freaking time. To say my kind are the cause of all your problems disgraces everything you and your people stand for. One day the righteous will fall on the sword they live by because they will be judged more harshly then others. Am i saying that I am a perfect angel? No in fact I am as far from heaven as you can get without being evil. I know what awaits me in the end and i am ready to accept my fate. Why do I write this? Because I fear that humanity has gotten too far away from you duty as humans. You believe that the worst evil in this world is the demonic intrusion but there you are wrong. You can smell a demon a mile away and at least you know its coming. The true worst evil is human malice. You don't know it is happening until its over and you are lying dead in the streets for everyone to see. Its quite sickening to know that in a time that you should be bonding to gether you tear everyone that you deem a necessary threat down because they have something you don't. You are blinded by the fact that yes there are demons that are evil and they give my kind a bad name but you should re-evaluate yourself before you evaluate others because of who and what we are. We cannot pick who our parents are or how they raise us. The fact that me as a demon is saying this is rather suprising. I am suprised and sickened by the fact that it takes someone like me to bring this to light.
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Some people & groups are more demonic than demons. Every time there is a massacre I can feel it quite well. Sometimes it's in the news a week or a month later. Some holocausts take years & others seem to slip by public notice.
Living humans are a "face palm", yes. They still have potential to learn. Some people will never learn, not even in death. Though I feel more and more people are realizing what you said.
I hope the living human race has a wonderful learning curve with this and more and more will ketch on.
100th monkey experiment.

I am not supposed to be living, I am supposed to not exsist. And if you haven't realized life is not fair. The only way that mortals will kill supernatural is if something influences them. But alas I cannot tell you for certainwhat will happen.

I was saved by a being at child birth. There was an order for my assassination put out and a shedevil was uspposed to carry it out but her maturnal instincts kicked in and instead of killing me she took her punishment and then disserted her old master

they still do, I am a threat to them so they want to remove me from the equation

Yes, I know how they operate and I am a threat to their ways

Not all humans are "gifted" and its not only those who have the gift. Just humans in general. I am not completely demon. I am actually a conundrum and have my order that is not spoken of much.