Even If It Gets Me Trouble!!

There has been many times i have made things ten times worse for me when i have helped my loved ones fight battles!!!

I have gone into the office at work with my best mate a fair few times but they dont take us on our own as they know i would have something to say about it and i will take shared responsibility all the time so we share the telling off!!!
Many times there is no need for us to be in there but they hate us soits petty things!!!

There was one time they waited until i had gone home to get her in the office as she works different hours to me and that night she was at my house in tears!!!

The next morning i was straight talking to other collegues to find out there opinions and then telling the supervisor that it wasnt on etc!! Nice one agreed and went into the office to sort things out and tell them they need to back off!!!

But she has now left and know to help us and we will be going in there pretty soon!!! even as soon as tomorrow if im not lucky!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
May 31, 2007