BSL: Bull **** Legeslative

Actually it stands for breed selective legislation.  The problem is it targets the wrong end of the leash.  The Dirt Bag owner are the ones that should be punished not the dogs.  I own two of the so called deadly dogs that are outlawed; Doberman Pincher and American pit bull terrier (pit bull).  I have never owned more lovely dogs.  It pains me in such an unexplainable way that these dogs are being eradicated because of the ignorance of the masses.  It’s scary to think if I went to Colorado both of my dogs would be confiscated and euthanized immediately no trial no behavior test; just murdered.  Further more what is really sad, according to the American animal behavior test; "Pit bulls" test the highest at a staggering 97.8 pass rate versus say a Labrador that gets a 92% pass rate.  This is a test bases on aggressive behavior triggers.  Or, to simplify what is the likely hood that this animal will not bit.  There is so much I could say about this topic but the thoughts are running ramped in my mind so,  no concise thought can be made at this time.  If your like me and would like to talk more let me know. 
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here is the group page for you<br />
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you guys need to join our group love pit bulls, there is some wonderfull information that have been added, articles, blogs, video's etc.<br />
Join the group for the love of these great animals.

As someone who has both loved and been loved by the most beautiful doberman and someone that ran an animal shelter for many years I am totally opposed to BSL!! In the thirteen years I ran a no-kill animal shelter we probably had no less than 200 pits come through the shelter. I can tell you they were some of the most wonderful dogs in spite of some of the horrendous things that had been done to them. Several of the rescued pits we had including 1 of our worst abuse cases went on to become good citizen dogs. Its amazing to me that the government is willing to ban certain breeds but totally unwilling to deal with the puppymills, the ignorant backyard breeders looking to make a quick buck and the ignorant, irresponsible people that ruin these wonderful animals. Maybe the government should be spending its time appropriately dealing with these people instead of banning the innocent.

I love pitbulls and am against BSL! With every last breath in me I will fight against the injustice of it. However, what we need is a campaign against owners who are not responsible. This magnificent breed needs special owners, ones that will take the time to know the dog inside and out, will train it properly and raise it in the right enviroment. I will at any time being a responsible owner pay for a temperment test and for a license for this breed. They are well worth the time and effort. Once a pittbull owner, always a pitbull lover. Who should never own this kind of dog is one who wants an animal for protection, or for just a resident dog. Also, if they are allowing the pit to be aggressive, there should be a proceedures in place to have the dog removed. These dogs are and should only be family dogs, they love people and are excellent with children. Control needs to occur to keep them out of the hands or irresponsible owners. True Pit Love here folks.

Wow, I learned a lot from these two comments! We need to wage a campaign! I love both Dobermans and Pits - a Dobie helped me get over my fear of the dark. And, if you ever met Ruby, a pit we used to have - you'd never believe these dogs could be on a "dangerous dog" list. She even sat like a Buddha!

Any society which out of hand executes it's noblest citizens is doomed to fail if they don't change. Dogs are far better creatures than humans by any reasonable means of comparison. <br />
One of my biggest problems with muslims is they consider the dog a "unclean" creature????<br />
PETA is too busy selling yuppie crap to "yuppies" who want to pretend to support animal rights.