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I try to fight for what I believe in, even when it isn't popular. I have a tendency to alienate people from both ends of the political spectrum... usually because I don't buy into the talking points of political idealism these days. What I mean is that most issues have been watered down to a key idea that focuses on all of the 'desirable' characteristics of an issue from one base-viewpoints. Take for example "Pro-Choice" versus "Pro-Life." fundamentally flawed from the beginning because neither political platform considers the other side of the argument. Things would be a lot more interesting if they called it "Pro-Death" and "Anti-Choice." But less specifically it's considerations on my part similar to that that make my political dialogues fervent. Economically friendly vs. socially irresponsible. Socially friendly vs. economic suicide. Pro-woman vs. anti-man. Pro-man vs. chauvinistic. Anti-racism vs. anti-whitism. There's a backside to every argument and every story, but I've found that people don't tend to notice those very much. They like their perspective and aren't very interested in anyone else's. I fight to try to get people to see the downside to every up. Or maybe the upside to every down.
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1 Response Jul 16, 2007

Is your political cup half full or half empty??!! =}