I was born a protester, quite literally. Nearly starved myself because I refused to breastfeed. I wanted the bottle... and I got it. Didn't want to sleep in a crib... so at six months they had to let me sleep in a small old bed because I kept climbing out of my crib no matter what my mama would do.

Teachers know me as the protester who talks back and has a powerful voice, especially when delivering a speech (best when from the heart.. which they always are). And when someone told me that I was stupid for believing in God, and that I was not a child of our Lord, but instead star dust, I got in a wicked fight with him about it. It was all words.. and I won. He now believes in our Lord, if I'm correct. Its not that I was determined to make him believe, its that I wasn't about to let him disrespect God like he was (I'm not going into it... still makes me angry) and I wasn't going to let him walk away after telling me I was stupid for believing. They tried to tell us we couldn't battle our faith in school... too bad. The teacher wound up getting after that little brat. She didn't like the disrespect, either.

When they tried to enforce the after-schooling at our school for those who missed more than 8 days of school, excused or not, even if you were sick (if it was hospital, it had to be overnight stay) and had a doctor's note. NOTHING was acceptable and you had to go to a two or three hour after school session. You could NOT sleep. You could NOT read. You could do work or sit there doing nothing. Even if you had finished all your work, you had to stay and do as told or serve again. It would take 3 ***'s (after school sessions=]) to equel one missed day. If you missed a session, you got another. If you missed another, you got OSS. And, even with high gas prices, transportation was NOT provided. And in our school handbook, it clearly states that all school related activities/events (other than home games or prom or club events) required the school to provide transportation. School HAS to provide transportation for schooling. They didn't. And three tardies, also meant you'd find yourself in *** (not meaning to make this dirty...). I protested as best as I could. Mentioning everything here and more. But no use. Lucky I never went to one of those things. And I wouldn't if they told me to. My mother wouldn't let me, either. Most of the parents didn't like this, and said that their children wouldn't be going. But then, the school decided they take credit away from your classes if you didn't attend. Parents were FURIOUS. Students were FURIOUS. And the school didn't care. I hope they don't have this **** next year. Our small town school might recieve a bad name. And it might have something to do with me... =]

Yes, I fight for what I believe in. And I always will. Born a protestor, live a protestor, die a protestor (but not for a long time)!

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