Right Now There Is a Lot of Di...

Right now there is a lot of division in my family, and i am staying out of the drama because i am in recovery for codependency, in other words i want to fix all my loved ones at the expense of my self respect. I am fighting for my peace of mind
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61-65, F
2 Responses Aug 10, 2007

Mother, my heart is there with you, and I believe God can repair ALL and bring our Families back together.<br />
With the condition our Country is getting in, it makes it hard on the younger Generation to provide for their families, so we, in the older Generation, must hang on to God, for them, and stand in the Gap. usngran

Don't give in to their drama. Keep yourself at bay and keep your self respect. They may be family, but they aren't worth your sanity. ((((hugs))))