Parking Tickets & City Hall

There is nothing worse then a parking ticket other then death and taxes for the average law abiding citizen.

 I had just moved into the downtown area, and found out after that their were no parking spots available. So street parking was the only option. However it did not take long to see the tax grab, as there was forbidden parking from 2 AM to AM every night and my nightmare began. A ticket given every day. Gish, soon it was totaling up to hundreds of dollars, then I found out I also could not obtain a street parking permit as their was a long waiting list.   NO! I was not going to give up my car I was going to fight!

In one of my attendances at court, I ran into my cousin, who really encouraged me by saying, "plead not guilty and when you appear before the judge just remember he is just a "glorified cop". I won my case that day, but it was just the beginning of my long battle with city hall.

 My cousins daughter had been  raped and murdered by a person who had just been released due to a process called "mandatory supervision". Mandatory supervision is when people are released early from jail basely due to just the high cost of imprisoning them. It did not matter whether the crime was violent or nonviolent. So, I started to dig deeper into the issue as my cousin was establishing organizations like "Victims against Violence".

Gish! Here I was just just committing an infraction of a municipal by law, and according to the law if I did not pay my ten dollar parking ticket (the cost at that time) I could do three days in jail for just one ticket. and in comparison it would cost one hundred & twenty dollars a day to teach me to pay my ten dollar ticket. Hmmm, something wrong here! Think about it, City Hall was going to spend three hundred and sixty dollars to intimate me into paying my unjustly deserved ten dollar ticket.  I was a upstanding citizen, a community volunteer, etc. I would go to jail because their was no parking for me, and violent offenders were being released due to the cost of incarcerating them?

Well, to make a very long story short, my fight began, I was readily to go to jail, and a local newspaper agreed to print my story when it would happen. The day I called the police to my house (by that time my tickets totaled thousands of dollars) they arrived looked up my record and found NOTHING EXISTED. Within weeks I received my street parking permit and city hall passed a law that persons with parking tickets no longer would do prison time, they would just need to pay their tickets when they renewed their license.  Also, a few years later my cousin won his battle that those who committed violent crimes could NOT qualify for mandatory supervision.  A battle well fought.


glorygirl glorygirl
56-60, F
Aug 26, 2007