But This Time I Walked Away

I have a few things I feel very strongly about.

But...if I truly believe I am right. I will stand my ground and fight.

There was a comment made on a thread not long ago; That the women who agree with or support the President are 50 year old women who get a thrill up their legs.

This was a vulgar, low class, sexist statement.

I guess it was supposed to be witty. Instead it pissed me off to a point that I lost all respect for the idiot man who said it.

I normall would still be raging at him. But...in this case I just figure he's an idiot with no class, poor taste and bad manners.

His flunkies cheered. So much for grown women actually acting like grown women, and men who would cheer or laugh at such a statement are nothing more neanderthalls.


So...I with drew.

Something that is not setting well with me at all.

I have stood my ground in protests. Been arrested. Fought back many times, mentally, physically when the need arose.

And no doubt I will continue to do so. But...I am not about to  lower the standards I have  to deal with barn yard animals in a feeding frenzy.

They are pack hounds. And some are nothing more than simpering little clowns.

 It would be different IF I believed they had any intellect with which I could do battle.

I have entered debates. I have won a lot, lost some, but never compromised my integrity, until now.

Yes, I feel I compromised my integrity by not challenging the idiot.

Yes, I let myself down by not calling attention to the poor conduct.  But the excuse was waiting...I already knew, "It's just a joke."

Yes...I have fought that battle as well. It isn't a joke if it's at the expense of an entire group of people.

It is demeaning. Which...was exactly the intent.

 Which is how the low class argue. Demean, denigrate, insult

 I hope they are proud.

I feel like crap. I am breaking my own rule."Thou shall not should thyself'

But this time...maybe it is better to walk away. Although I feel 7 times the coward.

I believe in doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do.

I refuse to apologize for that.

I would willingly provide manners lessons for them, but it's too late. A pig is always a pig.

I have stood my ground, and no doubt will again.

But this time the battle goes to the animals. let them tear each other apart.

Tzech Tzech
46-50, F
3 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Oops, I forgot about her (LOL)!

ahhhh yes. Meybe next time. (Unless of course it's Palin:::shudder::::)

IF ONLY, 5O year old woman could run the Democrats, Republicans, and the White House!!