In My Dreams...

We have battles.. I win them, but he gets away! >.<

Recently, a dream last night...

Me and my unit were about to invade his hideout. I asked HQ again just to have an air strike blow it to bits, but they refused, "There may be civilians being used as hostages! We don't have enough intel to just drop a bomb on it! Get your a** in there!" He never listens to me, and my doppelganger always gets away..
Anyway, so we sneak in through a side entry, the place seems empty.
My team relaxes, then the bullets start flying! Two of my men go down.
"Retreat retreat!"
We dodge back out the door. I see my evil-twin running from the back. I tell the rest of my unit to hold them off while I go after him, as his groupies aren't the main target.
I chase him down. He expected us to either be taken down on the spot at the ambush, or to be too busy with it, so he's unarmed.
I have my M1911 aimed at him, ready to secure him with handcuffs.
He starts talking, "You need me! Without me.. can you be good without a bad side to compare to? What would you do without me? I complete you!" -I've seen the new Batman movies...
I lower my aim, but only to tell him something. Just at that moment he pulls out a grenade and throws it next to me.
It goes off with a loud POP and I wake up...
He gets away AGAIN! GRRR
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No offense, but I'm agnostic..

Wow, maybe it's trying to tell you something. You may not understand it know, just relax don't think about it and the answer will come to you. Hope this helps. Ask for guidence from God.<br />
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- Jessica