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i have just been told that i have r a .and i have had firomynga for two years also have had 3 back surgy,now w this ra they found it cause they did an exray and they found bone errison and sed rate is high. so i cant get to ra doc till april my doc is starting me on pednzone next week and take it from there . iam 36 and iam wooried about the ra meds side affects are alot to take in on wich is the right chioce. my mom and dad have just move in with me mom has tumor on her neck and dad has a broken ankle and i help my ant who has r a  ms  and a few other thing i give her b 12 shots and help where i can. ps sorry i cant spelllol .i have 3 kids 19  14  12 .2 boys and a gril my oldest is a uc student in nursing thank god we can use a nurse in this family lol. my daudter is a good kid but she 14 and i cant seem to do anything that dont make her mad. my youngest son has adhd he is a hand full.

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I too have fibro and arthritis. After years of suffering and lack of diagnosis i read a NYT article: the boy with a thorn in his joints: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/03/magazine/the-boy-with-a-thorn-in-his-joints.html?_r=0
I was so desperate I tried it immediately. I know it is hard to believe, but eliminating gluten saved me from the chronic joint, muscle and bone pain. My body felt like a torture chamber from which I could not escape.
Fibro and arthritis are autoimmune disorders (over 100 autoimmune disorders: Diabetes, MS, ALS, IBS, crohn's, graves, hashimotos, Lupus, vasculitis, and many skin diseases/disorders). Most ppl don't know their condition is autoimmune! Dr.s are notorious for not explaining illness to a patient. Bottom line: this is a new area of research that most Dr.s are ignorant of and will likely scoff at the notion that any of these could be cured or alleviated by going gluten free.
If you are suffering what do you have to lose? Paleo diets are a good way to go as they eliminate most grains, all packaged, etc.
Sarah Ballantyne: The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body. (avail at many libraries. I'm not affiliated w/ her) thepaleomom.com
Don't hesitate to go gluten free! No barley or rye. U must read ALL food labels very carefully. Soy sauce is made mostly of wheat. Wheat is used as a thickener in MANY/most soups. Its in beer and hidden in ground meats and kebab meat.
Give it a month to 6 weeks. Educate yourself. If only partial relief, try a grain elimination diet. Too much info to list here.
If it works for u spread the word!

i have r.a. im only 26 i have had it since i was young. i havent started meds except advil and vikodin for pain. they have side effects and usually arent taken this young and to be on them that many years who knows what they would do to me. so im trying to cope med free and it is hard and painful but i am strong. good job for your child becoming a nurse i had to leave half through because of my r.a. i have 4 kids so its hard i know. my middle child has adhd also. its hard. keep your head up you arent alone =)

thank you very much

Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you have a full plate there. I wish you all the luck in the world.