im a male 23 yr old . ivbeen in th army 3yrs its been best 3 and no so the best.  iv been to iraq one time alrady and no im gearing for round two. depression plays a ig role in my life altho the ones around me dont see it. iv been digenosed with depression many times. been on the meds for it and they half *** work. iv lost so much that i feel like in a hole and keeps geting deeper by the day sum times by the min nobody rely see my point of view i teel the ppl i work the stuff tht happen to me with x wife and thy just look at me in disbilve or sumthing. icant share things that happen in iraq with the ppl cose to me bc i worrie them or drive them away. i  seen alot / done alot there that why ppl say i kno what u going thur or i unstand i filp out bc u dont. sum times i .wish some one cud "strap up" or were my size 10 COMBAT boots for one day :( its hard then they see not ppl not onley do i ahve ppl close to me to worrie about but ppl i never seen or met ever.. that i fight for that alot for one person to deal with



some help me deal with      doing it alone is the hardess thing ever

gwt666 gwt666
22-25, M
Mar 9, 2010