My Dream Came Tru My Wife With Another Man

it was always a dream which came true.We both were 29 yrs old .One night we were alone at the pool by a fire. a Friend of us who's wife was in hospital for a baby came over for a drink. I always knew that he had an eye on her and i must say both of them has good bodies.

When my wife went in the pool he said that he would like to join but do not have his baver and my wife suggested that he go along with her to the house to see if she could help him out to a bathinsuite. I stayed outside and as i put wood on the fire i could see them in the bedroom , the curtain was half open. I went nearer , felt like a peeping tom , he turned his back to her and started to undress himself i was shocked to see his **** double the size of mine with two large nuts.


I could not be leave what i saw because my wife never gave me the impression that she would be with a naked man alone in a room , remember we got married when we were 26 and believe me i thought her the facs of live. While he was busy putting on the baver is saw her touch herself between the legs. As he turned around she left the room and came outside and the same time i saw the toilet light went on. I asked her if she could help him with a baver and she said that she gave him one to try on but is unknown if is fit. i knew she was lying but i did not care as i knew she was enjoying it and i was in another world with a hard on.

He came out and both went in the pool and at that moment the fone rang and i went to answer it , it was her mother and before i went to call her i peep trough the curtain's and i saw them kissing in the pool. A i came around i called her name , he went under the water if he was swimming. She came out and went to the phone. He came out and while he was enjoying his drink i notice that is **** is to big for the speedo [baver]

Suddenly i saw the light in the pool went of and the same time she came out and asked me why the pool light was off , i knew she had switch the light of but i said that pool globes don't last long and she said yes pool lights don't last long.

She went back in the pool and he followed her , and she asked me to get her cigarettes at the phone were she left it , i knew that was an reason to be alone but i went off. As i passed the pump room i saw that the pool light was switch off.

I could not explain the feeling i got i knew this is it , for a moment i got scared but i was so horny i could not think straight but on the other hand i was worried because my wife is very touche on her vagina and is very small and it must be taken very slowly and if you hurt her she calls it a day and i knew there was no way that she Will be able to Handel his large ****. But on the other hand i knew that i don't have to worry because she would never ever let it go so far.......i know her.

I took her cigarettes en went out by the front door and approach the pool from a nother side were they cant see me. I could sneak up to two meters from them. They were kissing he had her **** out her baver and they were doing heavy breathing.............................First i stop maybe you not interested if you are give me a rating and i Will cont. Life has alot of surprises



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7 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Need to know all the detail of whar happen n if she got all the **** inside her wet *****

Sounds intriguing. I think I would have slid into the pool next to them and get involved myself.

Ok You have piqued our interest, please don't leave us hanging...................

I'm on pins and needles

I'm on pins and needles

Lovely story but when the pan started heating up you stopped telling.Please continue.

Good story! How did you find out he was sharing his wife through the Internet?