1/2 Pound Of Butter

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I planned this a few days ago.

First, i bought a pound of butter and put it in the freezer for a few days.
Next i took about 4 or 5 enemas until the water ran clear.
Then i inserted a stick of frozen butter in my butt. I took a few shoved to get it in, but as it melted just a bit provided all the lubrication necessary. A second stick followed the first.

 i put on a diaper in the event there was any escaping "sauce" Covered the diaper with a tight panty girdle, and then with with a high waisted long leg girdle. Followed this with a tightly laced waist cincher, and a longline bra. To complete a smooth appearance, i put on a mid length control slip. Finally, i put on my maids uniform, not a sexy French maid, but a utilitarian dress like worn by hotel maids.

i began my chores, did some laundry and finally stopped to take a break. i can fell my cheeks impulsively clenched to prevent any leakage. Sitting here with the waist cincher is not too comfortable. Walking with the control slip forces me to take small steps.

its been 2 hours since i stuck in the butter, must be melted by now. my plan is to stay dressed for at least 8 hours, the diaper shoul hold any "accidents" that might occur.

Goal for next time: a full pound.
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4 Responses Mar 25, 2011

Do you have the results for this butter story?

Do you have the results for this butter story?

Already my butt is getting tired of clenching, but i do not want to "release" yet. Some cramping is beginning to occur, this only minutes after i posted my story. Maybe i better stand again,<br />
I'll post the results.

Wow, really creative. Do post an update on how long you were able to hold it.