In Front Of My Family

at age 13 my mom put me back in diapers for punishment and i had to wear them to my aunts house in kingsport so when she brought me in she sat me with my 2 baby cousins and told me to play nice which i did for about 2 hours when i felt myself wetting my diaper and i could feel my poop trying to come out so i checked to make sure no one was watching and i stood in a corner and squatted letting my urgeing poop come out when all of a sudden my poop woudn't stop so i filled my diaper and ended up peeing a lil more. i didn't want to tell my mom in front of my aunt what i had done so i just sat back down and started playing again feeling alll of my mess getting all squishy under my bottum so i waited till my aunt left the room and walked over to my mom and just as i started telling her my aunt walked in and heard so i began crying and my mom gave me a pacy and said she was going to make me a bottle so she told my aunt to watch me. well by this time i was standing there sucking a pacifier when my 15 year old cuz came in and wanted to tease me saying "well look at the lil baby" he came over and told me i looked cute with my binky in my mouth and my diaper on so i kinda cried more when my mom cam,e in with a bottle and started feeding me and he laughed even harder and then while feeding me i pooped a lot more and peed a lil into a now completely full diaper so my cousin said that he thought the baby had went poo poo in her diaper and my mom checked and saw all the mess and she said really loud "oh my goodness Travis your right the baby girl did make a big boom boom in her didee what a good lil baby" so she took me to the bathroom and changed me while cooing how i was a baby and i was good for pooping in my diapy like a baby so when she went to slide a new diaper under my bottum she pulled out 2 and said she was doubling me so i didn't make a mess then she patted my butt and i waddled out when i saw my colusin on the couch and he asked my mom if i could sit with him so he picked me up and sat me on his lap cooing in baby talk and bouncing me on his knee while i just sat there sucking on my pacy and eventually filling my diaper again. i was so humiliated now when i go over my cousin asked if i need a change and teases me calling me his baby cousin which doesn't bother me so much anymore.
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I was 7 when my dad put me back into diapers at bed time. Occasionally I would poop not often, I mostly peed at night when I was asleep. Our housekeeper had to watch me for a week when my dad was out of town, my mother was in the hospital for alcoholism. Our housekeeper told me that 3 of her boys had bed wetting problems like mine. She asked if I would prefer being diapered when I returned from school instead of at bed time. I said yes. So for the rest of the week I was diapered from 3:30 pm until 7:30 am when I went to school. She did say as she was putting on my first diaper after school that the bathroom was off limits and that I would have to do all of my business in my diaper. After the first day I was happy that she understood little boys and let them have what they needed. When my dad came home she told him that I should be diapered from 3:30 pm til 7:30 am and that the bathroom is locked. Being a family friend my father agreed, I love being diapered.

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funny story i peed myself yesterday and it felt good cos i held my pee 4 6 days and i had mcdonalds and had 5 coffees! pooping right now in my diaper but it wont come out much

Brilliant story. Love the bits about filling your diaper multiple times :)

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stories like this i cant really believe, because i cant understand how a parent would humiliate there daughter like that. I poop my pants myself but no one knows about it yet

By the way im fourteen

Omg you are so lucky.. I wish my mum would do that for me.. Even if embarrsing.. I want to get diapers soo bad but I cant... Consider yourself verry lucky

Your cousin is evil. If i was you i would have put them on floor wearing no diaper sat on them and said i need the toilet but i dont know how to and then pee on them.

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