At My Friends House

Ok I'm in high school and here's my story. My name is Cameron and I was going to my friends house and en we were going o six flags great America in California with 3 other of our friends and I drove an so when we got up to Cali and got checked in at e hotel we went to Walmart and me, and 1 of my friend went down the baby isle and got pampers cruisers size 7 diapers and then we got back to the hotel and we were all westing and all the sudden me and the friend tht was with me in the baby isle had to poop and we let it out and my 2 other friends smelled it and ask if we pooped our pants and I said no but my ore friend said yes and I pooped in a diaper and so the 2 friends changed his diaper and mine and so now 3 of my friends wear diapers now
Chadohio Chadohio
26-30, M
Sep 21, 2012