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Staying At Aaron's

When I was 9 one of my best friends was Aaron. We played together, were in the same class (even though he was a year older than me), and were in the same scout troop. One day after school we were playing in my room and Aaron noticed the corner of one of my diapers sticking out of the overnight suitcase I kept them in beside my bed and he asked me what it was. I opened the case and showed him the diapers that were inside. Aaron wanted to know why I had diapers next to my bed and I told him because I enjoyed wearing diapers. At first he didn't believe me and demanded proof so I ******** down and lying on the bed I put on a diaper. He asked all kinds of questions about why I liked wearing diapers which I answered as honestly as I could but one question he didn't ask was whether or not I used them but as luck would have it he got up saying that he had to pee and as soon as he came back to my room and sat down on the bed I began ******* myself. It took a few seconds for Aaron to realize what I was doing as I lay there soaking my diaper. Aaron's eyes went wide as I continued to wet my diaper and he asked if I did this often. I told him that I wore diapers as often as I could and never took one off without using it first but that I really wished I could wear them all the time and have my diaper changed for me. After I changed into a fresh diaper and got dressed we went over to Aaron's house to play on his trampoline. We played for a couple of hours and Aaron asked if I wanted to spend the night, I said I'd have to ask my mom, he said so did he. After talking to our parents and getting permission for the sleepover we went outside to play a little more, shortly thereafter I messed my diaper and abruptly announced that I needed to go home and pick up my overnight things. Aaron said that his mom would drive me home and dragged me into the house. He announced that we needed to go pick up my sleepover stuff and his mom said that they should have everything I'd need to spend the night. I kept insisting that I needed to go home and get some things and his mom asked what I needed to get. This exchange went back and forth several times before Aaron looked over at me and saw part of my diaper sticking out of the top of my pants almost the same time he caught a whiff of the mess the diaper contained. I just about had a heart attack when he blurted out that I wanted to go home and pick up my diapers. Aaron's mom immediately asked for clarification at which point Aaron explained everything that he had witnessed in my room up to and including the fact that I was now standing in their house wearing a messy diaper. I just stood there in shock with tears streaming down my face as his mother asked if what Aaron had said was true, it wasn't until she came up to me and pulled my pants down around my ankles and observed me standing in a messy diaper that I wasn't even aware that I was wetting. Aaron's mom shushed me and pulled me close asking, "Do you want to stay in diapers and be treated like a baby while you're here?" I of course said 'YES!'. She said OK and told us to go get in the van and she drove us to a drugstore and led us to the baby aisle where she had me pick out the diapers I was wearing and told me to grab a package of the next larger size and the biggest package they had (which was 120 diapers) then she packed powder, lotion, wipes, a few bibs, bottles, a couple of pacifiers and a diaper bag into our cart and we headed to the checkout. It wasn't until we got back to the van and loaded the diaper supplies that Sharron noticed that my diaper had leaked so she made me lie down on the diaper bag's changing pad on the floor of the van and proceeded to change my diaper (since my pants were wet and messy I was left just in diapers. Sharron drove us back to the house and told me to go out and play in the back yard because she needed Aaron's help with a few things. So I played on the trampoline for about 20 minutes and was starting to get bored when Aaron came waddling out wearing a t-shirt and a diaper. When I asked why he was wearing a diaper Aaron said that his mom was making him wear them for tattling on me. I asked him what he thought about wearing diapers and he said he thought they felt nice but if was a little hard to walk. We played for another 30 minutes and just before Sharron called us in for dinner I stood in front of Aaron and with a broad smile, wet my diaper. We went in for dinner and were told that after dinner we were going to a movie. When we got into the kitchen I noticed a highchair had been set up on one side of the table and before I could ask about it Sharron scooped me up in her arms and set me down in the highchair. She fastened a bib around my neck and handed me a baby bottle full of juice. We had spaghetti for dinner which Sharron fed to me, a third of it ended up either on my face or on my bib. Just as dinner was over I peed my diaper again and as I wet myself I noticed Aaron started to fidget in his seat before asking if he could go to the bathroom. Sharron told him that he was wearing his bathroom and that if he had to go he could go in his diaper. Aaron looked as if he was about to protest then suddenly went still as his eyes glazed over and he began wetting himself. I was given a pacifier and released from the highchair and told to go watch TV while Sharron took Aaron to his room and removed his diaper. When they came back Aaron was wearing pants again so I figured he was only in a diaper to teach him a lesson. Sharron then proceeded to change my soggy diaper and put me in a pair of Aaron's sweat pants which did little to cover my diaper and were so big on me that they kept sliding down leaving half of my diaper exposed. I didn't have any chance to complain about the sweats because as soon as I had put on my shoes and Sharron had packed the diaper bag we were put in the van and headed off to the movie theater. Sharron bought each of us a large coke and we split a large popcorn, we found some seats and settled in but before the previews were even over I wet my diaper. Sucking back a large coke each didn't help me stay dry either, before the movie was half over I had wet myself again. As I peed in my diaper I noticed Aaron getting more and more restless then he suddenly became quite still, a moment later there was a big flash on the screen as one of the bad guys cars exploded and in the bright light I noticed that Aaron's crotch was glistening and realized that he was peeing his pants. About 15 minutes before the end of the movie I pushed a big load into my diaper followed by a flood of pee which was more than the diaper could handle. I felt the wetness seeping between my legs as the climactic end battle took place and by the time the end credits began rolling my borrowed sweat pants had a visibly dark patch along the crotch. As the lights grew brighter Sharron began getting ready to leave but Aaron didn't move, it wasn't until the lights were sufficiently bright for her to see that Aaron had pissed his pants that she understood his hesitation. So the three of us waited until the theater was empty before heading out one of the side exits. The whole way to the van Sharron berated Aaron for deliberately wetting his pants and told him that as soon as we got to the van she was putting him back in diapers and that he'd stay in diapers 24/7 for the next 2 weeks. So when we got in the van Sharron ******** Aaron's pants and underwear off and cleaned him up before putting him in a diaper, next she ******** the damp, messy sweat pants off of me, cleaned me up and put me in a fresh diaper. She took my sweats along with my dirty diaper and Aaron's pants and underwear and threw them in the nearest trash before driving us home. Once we were home we were told it was time for bed, Aaron was sent straight up to his room but I was told to wait while Sharron prepared a bottle of warm milk for me. I was lead up to Aaron's room where to my surprise I found that a crib had been set up for me. Sharron lowered the side and helped me in before giving me my bottle, tucking me in and finally raising the side of the crib. Aaron didn't have much to say so I drank my bottle and before I was finished I was wet and asleep.
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Really liked this stoty a lot made think when i was young it was great thats why im still in diapers

Do you enjoy this way of life

Yes I do