A Couple Days Ago(my First Story:x)

This is my first story on Experience Project, and I'm sorry if it sucks.
Uhm... I haven't been into diapers for very long, so I don't have very many stories to tell. But I do have this one.
I'm a naturally shy person, so I'm not the most open about my farts and stuff...
But anyway, a couple of nights ago I woke up from a nap and had to rush to get ready to go work. I was late regardless, and I'd had to... Use the bathroom, when I woke up. Without time to do so, I just put on a diaper instead of panties:x
All throughout my shift I fought the urge to go, and a couple of times I had to stop what I was doing and tense my muscles to avoid having an accident. As much as I like using diapers, I didn't want to do it in public; especially not at my job!
I lasted throughout the shift, but at one point I accidentally farted and I'm pretty sure a guy at a nearby table looked at me because of it. I hope it was a coincidence, but he winked at me, so I don't know... My stomach had been really gurgly too, but no one had said anything to me.
Anyway, after clocking out, I was ready to lose control. Still not completely acquainted with diapers, I half pondered using the work bathrooms. But I knew I had diarrhea, and didn't want to be heard... Or smelled:x
So I got in my car, and started the twenty minute drive home. Once along the way, I lost control slightly and... Sharted in my diaper. It was loud and wet, and made my car stink for the rest of the ride.
As I got back to my apartment complex, I got out of the car and bolted for the stairs nearby to the second floor. Half way up though, the shaking of my stomach must have finally fed up my body... I lost control into the diaper beneath my work clothes on the stairs, and I definitely had the runs... It was loud, and really uhhmmm chunky, if you will. It spurted loudly into the Goodnite and made me have to squat down in pain so that I could go comfortably. After the uncontrollable wave ended, I felt the seat of my tight black work pants. It felt squishy and warm, and there was an obvious bulge...
I gave up mentally, the day at work coupled with the loss of control casting aside my normal feelings. As I walked the hundred feet or so on the balcony to my apartment, I slowly let myself go into the diaper... I peed in it, and the warmth came surprisingly comfortingly and made me feel somewhat better. By the time I got to my apartment, I was done pooping in the Goodnite.
There was a lot of uhhmm... Mushy poop and liquid in the seat of the diaper, and if I lifted one of my legs enough it would shift and make nasty sounds... At one point I'd farted sort of loudly while pushing some out, and it had made a nasty liquidy sound that made me look around to make sure I was alone, and I blushed.
Since I hadn't gone in a day or two, the diarrhea in the diaper was really thick and heavy... And really stinky too:x
I sat down on the toilet after pulling down my pants, and pushed the last gush of diarrhea into the Goodnite. I felt so much better, and my stomach was no longer upset. So I relaxed on the toilet for a few minutes to make sure I was finished before the stink started to get to me, and then I cleaned myself up and showered.
Afterwards, I put on a new Goodnite, and felt a little more comfortable in it:x
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Wow, thanks for sharing :) I know how you felt. Maybe you could wear plastic pants over your Goodnites, as this will give another level of security and help to contain any nasty niffs ;)

Amazing story!

That's what diapers are for! Great story, love the details ;)

Aren't you glad you had a diaper on ;)

I've had diarrhea in diapers.

so have i

love your story :0)

Good girl!
Many thanks for the story 8)

love the story wish i wouldve been there

great stories diapers are really good for wetting and messing tried them a couple of times

Great story

great 1st story, thanks!!!!!!!

great story i hope you keep on pooping and share your stories

your story made me smile. the shyness shows through your typing and adds a cuteness to the whole thing. i hope there's more experiences to come. (also adding you so i can know when a new story comes up)

Here's to more stories to come! Thanks for sharing :)

Great story :D

Welcome to EP, lovely story please add me

Take care


What a nice story! Thank you and welcome! Have you *********** in your diapers? - I love that feeling.


The cleanup is bad, so I've some mixed feelings sometimes. But I keep coming back to it... it just feels too good.

Sometime last year I had diarrhea for 3 months but did not have any diapers at the time. Sorta wish I did now :/

they work great for it:x

Thanks for you story! It was very good :)

It was good that you wore diaper because your poop was diarrhea. Diapers are better for diarrhea than panties. How long you are pooped in your pants and diapers?

Welcome to Experience Project! :)

it depends...

What depends? Of course it depends where you are and what kind of situation you are when you filling your pants with diarrhea. Example at a few weeks ago I filled my diaper with diarrhea at cottage and it was good that I wore diaper when I came to home with poop in my diaper, but diarrhea in pants at home is not trouble :) Hmm... diarrhea may be good excuse to pooping in pants "on accident" in public when you are with your friends :p

Sound like a good diaper time, I bet clean up was a *****. I can't wait to hear more of your storied and don't worry going in public gets easier as you try it.

Good use of a diaper. Did you do for practical reasons or did it make you feel a little frisky? When I have messed my diapers, I always get horny and need to relieve a bit of pressure. Having a diaper on avoides making more of a mess.

Good story. :) Sounds like it was fun.