Monday Morning

What to do? I went to work this morning and found out I had to do a training in Greensboro. I figured I'd better diaper up and get on the road. I put on my pullup and leakmaster panty and headed to the car. Driving to greensboro was like second nature to me an I made it there in good time. I prepared my notes and sat an waited for the training crew to arrive.
Dennis was up first and he went over all the state policies on enrollment and eligability to our state programs. I had the urge to pee, must have been those two cups of coffee. I was about to get up to use the potty but it was too late my diaper began to get warm. So there I sat awaiting to start my portion of the talk in my blue skirt and black sweater top with a wet diaper. I can't say I was thrilled but oh well no one could know so I was okay with my circumstance.
My presentation took only 22 minutes an it was exciting knowing what I had done. At times it was hard to concentrate because my wet warm coochie screamed for attention. Well it was over so I left to find a private spot to ease my feeling. Walking to the lobby to go outside I peed again. Now my butt was wet and warm to. I went out to a secluded spot in the courtyard and rubbed myself for a little relief. Well what I never expected suddemly happened. I had a cramp and totally filled my diaper with a large soft squishy load. It was wonderful. I sat to mash it and it spread into every crack. Time to move on. I got up checked my butt, my dress hide it all and my leakmaster panty held it all in even the smell.
Need less to say it was only 1:45 so I had some lunch at Wendy's with Diane and Dennis in my messy diaper. I was so excited and proud of my concealment.
I had to stop on the drive back to Raliegh and finger myself to calm the rush after another short pee in my already quite used diaper. I got home at 6 and took off my skirt to inspect the damage. I was amased other than the little buldge in the back and a yellow crotch the diaper was great. I removed my panty and now could smell my over 4 hour load. It was awesome. Poopie smell is neat sometimes. I was so proud of my Monday.
After diner I wet my diaper again. Must have been a 2 minute pee. Now I was totally soaked and dripingĀ  little brown tears down my legs. Guess it was time to clean up but I figured I'd do the dishes from diner first.
On my way to the shower I pushed a secong load into my full diaper. It was ectasy. My saggy diapered butt needed attention. I sat on the floor and had a huge wonderous ******. I love Mondy
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6 Responses Dec 10, 2012

wow! very exciting!

wow, what underwear did you wear over it?


i have just become diabetic and the tablets i am taking give me a lot of wind and i poop my self a lot i have been warring a diaper most of the time and had loads of accidents

nice story, very nice...

Greensboro? As in North Carolina?