My Wife's First Massage At Home.

It all started last march on her birthday when she said she would love to get a "proper" Massage, meaning a non pervy massage. So we looked through some of our free local papers in the Personal section, it wasn't long before one jumped out offering a completely relaxing Back and shoulder massage which was exactly what she was looking for. The advert said her name was Kim but when i called the number asking for Kim the Guy on the other end said yes thats me, not saying anything to my wife about being a guy booked it for mid day tomorrow.
She was excited about having a massage in the comfort of her own home and knowing that i would not be to far away, her thoughts being different to mine.
Later that day i secretly called Kim back asking what did a massage consist of telling him that my wife was expecting nothing more than a back and shoulder rub, so he said most wife's or women do or so they say but never complain when they are relaxed and feeling comfortable and as long as they don't tell me to stop or show signs of feeling uncomfortable i will give them exactly what they want.
I told him that i have no objection whatsoever in giving her anything she wants and that i look forward to see him the following day but to say nothing of our conversation.
The next day my wife who by the way has a perfect and very sexy size 10 body with fairly small but perky **** had a shower making shaw she was clean shaven leaving a small area of pubes just above her slit.
When she was making herself ready for her massage she asked me if i thought she should get completely undressed or leave her panties on so i told her she would probably be covered with a towel and remove everything, and that if she wanted i could be in the room to see how a proper massage is done which she wanted?
He finally arrived and was on time, he was much younger than he sounded around late 20s or early 30s but fit looking. My wife seemed a little embarrassed saying that he was very young and good looking and not sure about him seeing her near naked, but after a short chat with him she seemed to relax, He asked where he could set up his table so i showed him into our bedroom as that is where we thought it was going to be anyway.
He asked me to put a robe on he had brought with him covering most of her up which i was a little disappointed about until he gave me a reassuring wink.
I asked if he minded me watching he said not at all and could even help if i wanted and as long as my wife had no objections.
she came out of the bathroom and laid on her tummy on his massage table.
He started of by placing a towel over her lower legs and removing her gowned covering her mid back and bottom, at this point i couldn't see if she had removed her knickers as asked as she was covered but could see that she had no bra and could clearly see her small firm breasts from the side.
He started by rubbing a little oil into his hands then gently massaging her neck and shoulder areas, he concentrated on this area for about 4 or 5 minutes and then asked would she like him to massage her back a little which she was very quick in answering Mmm.
He lowered her towel so that it lay just on the top of her bottom and continued to massage down her spine she seemed like she was in heaven as she layed so still with her eyes closed and every time he asked if she was ok she just muted Mmmm.
I must admit at this time i wouldn't of minded having a massage as well, it looked so relaxing, he certainly knew his job.
As he was massaging her back he turned round to me and raised an eyebrow as much to say so far so good. This time he didn't ask about massaging her bottom he slowly lowered the towel exposing just about all of her bottom just covering her ***** lips, at least i now knew she wasn't wearing any knickers and my **** was now starting to get very hard with the thought of what may happen soon?
He then covered her again and started on her feet working up her legs until he was quite close to her ***** but not touching, this went on for around 5 minutes.
He then asked her to turn over making sure she was covered first being very professional, im sure she had no idea where the massage was going or may be going?
This time starting with her feet again working upto her thighs again stopping at just the right place then continuing with her shoulders lowering her towel now exposing her bare breasts which to my amazement she did not object to at all, he pored lots of baby oil over her breasts and slowly massaged them like i have never seen, it was so erotic seeing her lay there being touched in such an intimate way.
It was now getting very warm in the room as the heating was on full blast and his top was saturated in sweat so i suggested that he could remove his shirt if he wanted as it was so hot which he did after asking my wife if she minded. His body was much fitter than mine and could tell by the way my wife discretely looked as he removed his shirt.
Leaving the towel in place he slowly let his hands run further down her stomach touching what looked like her pubic area and even then she never moved at all except for a little groaning noise which i took as contentment, again he looked at me for assurance as to continue and could tell by the way i was looking it was fine with me but more to the point it was definitely fine with my wife, he then completely removed the towel leaving her laying totally naked, god i have never been so turned on in all my life, he started to just touch her ***** waiting for any signs of not being happy but she only let out quite purrs which i have never heard her make before, it was so erotic to see her naked being touched by a handsome young guy and started to wonder if he would go any further.
He slowly started to push the tip of his finger into her ***** then a little more until he was slowly rubbing her now enormous ****. She laid there with her back slightly arched allowing him to push his finger in more. I leant over and asked her if she would like him to go a little further and without any hesitation looked at me with a kind of drunken look and said as long as you don't mind. He then started to undo his trousers letting then drop to the floor revealing a tiny g string with what has to be the thickest **** i had ever seen in my life and even though it was still flaccid it was larger than mine , not that i had see many of course.
He started to rub it as he slowly licked her ***** then as it got hard turned to let her suck it OMG i just exploded seeing her such his huge **** he asked if she would like him to try and penetrate her, which she said yes to unfortunately it was very painful for her and could not fit it in so continued to suck him off until he shot a huge load all over her ****.
I then knew that this was going to be the first of many exciting experiences.
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that is ******* awesome

great story. did you **** her when he left? I would luv to see what you saw.. plz add me.

Do u still have the video? Do u watch it often?!! I would!!!! <3

such a hot story loved it.

ur a lucky man ....

Super hot story. I would love to have this done to my wife.