I was so scared. I was worried I'd get caught, or karma would kill me. Maybe it will catch up, or maybe "God" ok'd it. I have no clue, but it was more amazing then it was 10 years ago. Our chemistry was electric, it was like a grenade boom went off. And I can't stop my mind from thinking about it, I get butterflies with a tingling spark from every thought of it. I realize what I missed, but I can't go backwards. I was always in love with him & know he cares too now. I don't know if our future is set in stone. But I know what I want to do more than I felt before. I just have to start on my preparations for my future alone. I don't want to do the dumb thing and look like a lost puppy. I need to be smart about it & only think of it as a validation of the right path. I am going to work on securing my bridge before I cross it. Because the second to the last step is going to be hell on fire.
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Good luck sweetie! You can do it.

Wow sweet.