My First Dunk

I've been in love with basketball ever since I was little.  I always wanted to be able to dunk and jump like NBA players such as Michael Jordan and Vince Carter.   I know I will probably never be able to perform things that NBA players do, but I just wanted to be able to dunk.

When I was younger, I would lower my basketball hoop and use a tiny basketball to do dunk tricks.  I imagined that it was a real dunk in a game.  I know it sounds stupid, but I felt good everytime I dunked it.

There are a lot of reasons why I want to dunk.  I want to be able to whoo the crowd during the game and warm-ups when I'm dunking.  I will be a better basketball player too.

Well anyway, I've been training long and hard trying to increase my vertical leap by doing pylometrics and weight lifting.  I went from not being able to touch the basketball rim to being able to grab it in about four months of training.  In about another two months of training I could grab with ease. 

Some of my basketball buddies are dunking by now, so I also wanted to dunk.  I had a basketball game during the summer and the opponents were doing some crazy dunks during warm-ups.  I was feeling really pumped up and my adrenaline was pumping like crazy.  During warm-ups, my friend did a reverse dunk and was cheering me on to dunk it too.  I felt really good, so I jumped as high as I could and cocked the ball back and jammed it.  My teammates were really suprised just like I was.  During that game, we did not win, but I will always remember it because i also made my first in game dunk.  I stole the ball and had a fastbreak and dunked it with two hands.

I felt so excited.  I could not stop smiling and laughing that whole day.  I always imagined my first dunk to barely go in, but my real first dunk was crazy.  It was hard to imagine that I would be able to dunk it in a real basketball game on the same day I was able to dunk the basketball at all.  I can now dunk pretty easily ever since my first dunk.  It seems as though it opened up my potential.  Being able to dunk is one of the best feelings if you are a basketball player.  I'm sixteen years old and about 5 feet 10 inches.  So it is not easy for me to dunk, but I can do it now.
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1 Response Aug 28, 2006

im fifteen .. people say i got hops i just dont jump right any tips