A Refreshing Conclusion

I've no reason to hide anything anymore, no will or want to make myself feel a particular way.

I am simply free.

There is something very dignifying about that statement. How amazing it feels to love myself, to not care about what I should or should not share, on EP or in my life.

I know who I am, and who I am just happens to be a fantastic human being.

I suppose these past two months have been some what of a learning curve for me. I have had so many things go back that I hadn't anticipated they could eventually get worse, and they did.

It's amazing to me how hard I've pushed back, how much I've done for myself and for my future. I had to realize that after so much failure, I was bound to wind up with such success. It's taken a few weeks for me to accept this. That I can, and will move forward with the same plans and the same wants, only with a higher expectation of myself.

This mindset can only lead to a fantastic adventure.
thejoneses thejoneses
26-30, F
May 21, 2012