My Purpose In Life

i finally think i have found my purpose in life. i have felt quite lost and never found the meaning of life until recently. i found life in saving others lives. i have always had a love for dogs. my dogs are my life and i can not image living without any of them. becoming a young adult i have now had the chance to be exposed to the world and have my eyes open to the negatives of life. dogs are being abused, neglected, tortured and killed everyday. they are homeless, with out love and a family to call them their own. i previously had looked at the cruelty being done to these creatures and just shook my head and thought what a shame, i will never let that happen to my doggies. but now i say i am one day going to change that. i want to own a farm for all abused dogs. a place where dogs can have a haven away from all their previous pain and suffering. if any of you have watched the show Pitbulls and Parolees, that what i want my sanctuary to be like. i want them to run around and have all the food, water and toys their hearts desire. i want them to live in an actual home instead of a shelter or a yard outside. i want them to come in at night after a long days play and have a nice warm and cozy bed to sleep in. i want them to have a human that will love them, hug and pet them. i want to open a spay and neuter clinic; a full time hospital where injured animals can be saved and given all the proper treatment they need. i want to start a program that looks for stray dogs and brings them to my farm to help them feel loved. i would love to have family willing to treat their dogs as equals to them so they can adopt my dogs from my farm. i want to make animal testing and puppy mills illegal and extinct. why should animals suffer for women to look beautiful? why should people make money off of living things? it's just sick and disgusting. i want puppies and elderly dogs alike to have the same attention and respect as a human being. i love my dogs and would do anything for them. i believe i was put on this earth for a reason. i am not a religious person by any means, but i know i have found what i should do with my time here on earth. i know i am meant to help and to save as many dogs as possible. i have found my purpose.

americanidiot87 americanidiot87
18-21, F
May 21, 2012