Finally Found My Soulmate

It took 3 other failed marriage experiences, and a lot of age maturing, and a long age waiting to find him or for him to find me.  But it has been well worth the wait!   My husband is a giver, spoiler, he has a JOB, and is a hard worker, he cooks & cleans, and I think he's a good looker!  He sort of reminds you of Kevin Costner ( the actor). Just to give you an idea of his looks.  I get along real good with his family, and they've told me that they like (love) me. They didn't get along with his ex..    My kids love him, and his daughter loves me, we all get along. We're just one big HAPPY FAMILY!!!!  

sketer sketer
51-55, F
3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Live , love and be happy!!!!!

Thank you for sharing. You two sound like a perfect match. It's wonderful to hear that your families also get along so well.

Yay for big happy families!!!