Just To Let You Know, True Love Does Exist.

Well, it was just an ordinary day at school, learning some unnecessary crap that made no sense, then going home preparing for the next day, but it wasnt like that for me. While i was walking home all alone along with other students who were more likely reckless and ghetto children, it seemed like an everyday thing to me.While walking, some guy who looked like a women beater walked up to me, smiling in my face, staring at me, while he tried to hold my hand. Asked for my number, but i lied and said i didnt have a pen. He tried to find one from his bag but failed, sooner or later he just left. On the other hand his much taller friend (Sammy) told me about how he wasnt the type of guy to come up to any girl and tell them hi bla bla. He called me a pie (meaning your cute,pretty etc) and then just walked off as well.

The next day i met the guy who looked liked a women beater (Jefferson) we were together for a while, but he caused damage to my reputation, caused me to ditch school, caused disappointment around me, and also the loss of my virginity. Sucks for me that i fell into a trap with just someone who wanted *****. I felt hurt and cried on my knees asking the Lord why he let that happen to me. Everyone always told me that he was just a player, he had no heart for nobody, but i never listened. Now it was the time i finally learnt my lesson and i just tried to move on.

But i saw his tall friend again. It was just a week or 2 after me and Jefferson broke up. I asked him why the hell he hooked me up with a player, and he was just in surprised and shock, saying that he had change and all of that. He told me we should just meet up on the field to finish and talk about it. Well we did. He was really cute to me and sexy in some aspects. But very tall since im such a very veryyy short girl. But he was fun to talk to, i told him all about Jefferson and he was just supporting me and all of that. Just when the bell had rang for us to go to class he popped the big question. Well not really ,before he did he kept telling me he had something to tell me, but he said he'll tell me it next week. I still kept asking him to tell me it, and eventually he did. ''I like you.'' I wasnt ready to fall in love again since most of my feelings were still for Jefferson, and i didnt have any feelings for Samuel, but i tried him out anyway to get Jefferson out of my mind.

My real plan was to grind Samuel, and eventually let the feelings flow naturally. We both started to be together alot, kissing,hugging, smiling, he always told me i was really cute and adorable. It was like every other day the feelings grew a bit stronger. But there was one day that Jefferson had called me, told me that he was sorry for doing that to me, and was hoping i could take him back. I was.. but i thought of Samuel. He also called at the same time, i told him about me going back to Jefferson, but then i told him i wasnt going back. Samuel told me that he was extremely hurt, but he had loved me so much that he didnt want to let me go.

So the first time we had grind was pretty much nerve recking. He started forcefully kissing me in a romantic way, taking off my tights, and shoes. I went on top of him, and he had pushed his **** in me. It hurt alot since i was very tight even though my virginity got took already. We started having sex, and when he came on top of me he told me 'I love You' i didnt, but i was happy he did. The second time we both had sex together, he came in me, i was so fustrated , mad, and i just didnt know what to do, but never mind that.

We both just started to see each other alot, from me ditching school just to see him, and from getting in so much trouble just to be with him. From people telling him i wasnt the type of girl for him and such.. we just both been through so much stuff together. I knew i loved him alot by this time, and Jefferson was already out of my mind and from my sight. Me and Samuel had ****** so much times, i just had lost count. My feelings grown so muchh, and i could have already seen he was very much head over heels for me.

So from all the stuff we had went through together, he told he wanted to be with me forever and ever, get married with me, and have a child(ren) with me. He was extremely committed and faithful for a guy who was a player. He told me everyday girls always liked him, come on to him, but he never liked them back, or even checked for them. He always catched a hard-on off of me , and never any other girl, no matter how fine, pretty, or brighter they were to me. He just had loved me and only me, talked about me with his family friends, always stuck up for me when people use to talk about me bad and such, he was just always there for me. And what even got me so happy to have him in my life, is when he told me he would want to die on the side of me.
Dimetra Dimetra
Sep 16, 2012