When i was kid my mom died...
my dad kept me to my Aunt place there i grow up
Since 14-15 years i had a dream to go to USA and Make career...
I am not much qualified bt i made my great career in animation, graphic and game development.
for this career i fought with my uncle i was not interested in Study

in 2002 I tried to suicide attempt gt hospitalized so my uncle throw me out of his home... 2 years i survive on street
my aunt was working in hospital from there i was getting few money for food
in same days of survive my dad and brother died **** bustard god made fun of my life

I made my career from that street did course from Animation institute din able to get job bt i never gave up doing freelance giving best in work

finally i got job which is not much salary bt for career happily i accept it and did that job honestly. today also that boss relation good with me..
I got another job which is in ad agency where currently i am working there because of my good effort in work people get jealous and started to play politics with me.
I always honest n loyal with job and boss
my boss taking those people side every time who is not only playing with bt playing with company as well pulling client
and make money this was the corruption... but my boss trust them. finally i exposed them bt after that i become a bad guy n there remain become good

in 2014 There was project came which was handling by my colleague and that project and client going to loose
so boss decided to give me day night i worked and which project took 20 days to finish i finished in 5 days and client was happy with it ... my boss nominate that project for award Because of my work effort Company got that International Award. Company got name on it... I am happy for that never expect my name will come on it.

but after i gave my best to best effort i am still on that position where i started and still i am not expecting anything from company whatever i am getting i am happy

About my dream i was trying to look for job in USA. I got answer we are looking for Localized, or for this career that much qualification need like. bachelor degree in computer science
make me sad
at least i wanted to see USA for month though travel. have some fun which i dream from childhood
so there condition come which says in ur account haves to be particular amount either forget ur dream.

in 2006 after my dad and brother died property belongs to me
even there my cousin greed came they are looking for me so
i will sign those papers and he will take that property
which is on my name they will never find me
I was on street when my dad died month later i got my cousin called
where he is looking for me for sign paper forcing me
there i came to knw my dad and brother died....
that time I wont able to see my dad and brother face in last moment.

Now i hav no dream... i destroyed my that dream too

I gave up with this Life for what i did everything is wastage
Ya I am happy I showed all those people my uncle, boss my ability what i am i proved them

Now Happily i will love to wish death...once before i was failed! but this time i will put 100% effort to fulfill this wish
there is no condition will appear it is ******* free... and dont care what will happen next

About GOD I will say Evil is much much better then him
he is honest with his nature behavior which is to be Evil

Still i hav no complaint with anyone

This will be my first and last message
fxtream fxtream
31-35, M
Feb 10, 2015