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I got a job at a homwood suite hotel as housekeeping. I go in monday for paperwork then they will give me a starting date. I am really happy and relieved. But I am also very nervous. They want to cross train me for desk work which I know will include retail and I HATE handling people's money of any kind.

I just want to do housekeeping. That's what I applied for when I put my application in. I am really upset they want to train me to do that. If they want more desk work people they need to hire more people for that job. Oh and the fact I'm trying to conquer my driving fear to get there. 

But besides that this is a good start. I just pray I don't **** it up. I'm known for sucking at life. 

It's gonna be hard work but I didn't sign up for this job to be glamorous. I wanted it cuz I thought I could just clean all day. I hope I am right. 

Please, if you could all wish me luck that would be awesome. I
SuperMagicMuffin SuperMagicMuffin 22-25, F 2 Responses Jan 27, 2013

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Good luck! I was trained at one job to work in a membership office at a local theme park and crossed trained to work in the gift shop as well. I never had to work in the gift shop (thank god!) and I got to stay in the office. So I bet you'll get to stick with cleaning and not front desk stuff. :)

I bet that was a relief you didn't have to. And thanks, I really hope so.

Good luck! You will do well.

Thank you, haha I need it.