Got My Papers Yesterday

I was married for almost 12 years to a man that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. Three years ago, I got saved, and changed a lot. My husband hated the changes in me...he wanted his old sinning party wife back. lol In May, he gave me a choice between him and Jesus,and I picked Jesus. So my husband walked out, and moved to another state to be with his high school girlfriend who he is in a relationship with. I filed for divorce, and it was final on November 22. I got my papers yesterday. I did cry-not sure why exactly, but I did.
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2010

love is like death... when you separate what has grown intertwined together (body, soul and spirit), when you try to separate symbolically like flesh gets torn away, our spirit and soul are troubled for we feel something died/is dying. the process of separating/divorcing is painful even if it is irreconcilable differences.

You meant a lot to each other and 12 years of making it through life together would create bonds between any two people; the emotions have been injured and tears are the coagulants to heal a torn love.