The 2 Year and 8 Month Journey Ended Today!

My divorce has been long and pretty awful. Hateful words, uncontrollable anger, outrage, hurt and despicable behavior have brought us to here....September 30Th, 2009.

I was not a perfect wife. I will be the first to admit that. But I also was not treated well either. It is just an explanation, not an excuse. So in February of 2007 I walked out the door and didn't look back....not even a glance did I give him even when he asked me to come back in January of 2008.

Today though, after a battle I would never wish on is over :-) the dance between happy and hurt is gone. The house was sold today and closed without a hitch! Our divorce technically was final in June of 2009 but the financial part was still in the air. So now that I have my check from the selling of our house and the 401k and pension plan we split....we are no longer. I shed a tear for the hurt I caused and of course what I endured, but most of all that my children are actually OK. My oldest said he was glad it was official now because maybe the fighting would end. My youngest said "Yay you both can be happy." How many parents can actually say that their kids are OK after a battle such as mine. Cameron and Colby have not come out untouched, but they are certainly in better shape than I ever expected.

God thank you for guiding me through this and allowing my children and I to grow stronger and better despite the reality of our lost family unit. Now we move upward and onward to make our own family and welcome the adventures ahead :-)

*wipes tears**deep breath!*


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Good luck ❤️

Congrats !
"Live a Good Story"

I glad I don't believe in marriage

Hi there congrats on the new life ahead. Although I'll start this process soon. I'm a guy and checking your comments in general I try to see what I did wrong in my marriage. I guess life will tell me the answer. The only person who is getting all of the hits is my daughter, basically because her mother would not allow her to see me and she's only three years old. I was seriously thinking in getting back with her a month ago exactly. But everything collapsed when she and her family broke into my home, stole all my stuff and by the way they left the gas leaking from the stove, thank goodness no tragedy happened. The police said the investigation was going to be over the theft and the attempt of murder, not only attempting to murder me but also towards my neighbours. Now still the question is in my head should I still get back together? I'm inly thinking in my daughter she deserves a family because that's what she signed for before being born.

I only wish I could push the me too button on this one. been 18 months and having an ex that's literally got mental issues and a meth habit. I think it'll be a while before I can sadly.


Hope u find the u perfect match

First and foremost I'll do my best to look after the kids Yasmine. Not really in a place for romance at the moment. I've got a few other issues to deal with myself but it'll happen. Thanks anyway ??

No problem beside the kids are the main thing ur going a good thing it will pay of soon enough

Kudos to you meg. my divorce took over 3 AND 1/2 YEARS. my kids live 2 miles from me and i see them every chance i get . play practice , basketball. driving them around etc. take goos care of ur kids and the rest with fall into place. xo peter

Wow!!!Meg,it was a long journey indeed!I have begun diorce proceedings just last month and knowing my soon to be ex hubby,its going to drag longer.I wish i could just let him have everything and move on with my life because i left with only clothes and nothing much,he occupies the house while me and my kids rent.I cant afford to let him have everything though because i have kids with him and those kids have needs too.Its just so painful and raw at the moment,but it has to be done.Sometimes i feel so sad for my kids knowing the kind of pain they are going through because i am also a product of divorce.I would like to see myself exactly where you are now,the past safely behind me,then i can be able to breath.

I am going through my divorce period also now, we;ve been together 5 going on 6 years, and apart for 3 years. After all this time, I still find it difficult to relieve away from the feelings we share. After reading this, I see there is hope...

IT ALWAYS TAKES *TWO* to start a battle....<br />
I also have gone through THIS - and at the end, I was almost bankrupt - SHE took almost EVERYTHING, even the money, my parents gave for the house, we had built....<br />
Thats GERMAN LAW.....<br />

I have found my own "brand" of happiness I suppose.....and pray daily for strength and peace to wash over me.

Also a divorcee, I hope by now you are all settled in a new life and have found happiness?

yes, im doing the whole divorce, remarriage thing myself...its rough, even nice guys fight dirty huh? good luck for ur future

and the same to you and yours.......

Congrats.....i am going through the samething myself...but im trying to keep it together and becoming more stronger for my son....hes still very young, only 1, but he saw the fights and querrels b/w me and my husband...which i dont want for to happen anymore...he needs a better life and i moved on and got a wonderful job, which im in right now...and making the better for myslef and husband can kiss my sweet a**......i deserve better than just fights and ignorance and so do hang in there....i just joined in and i already can relate to all the problems you guys are facing....and this feels really good to know there are people out there who will care and not judge you......thanks to all for the support and advice, it really does help emotionally and mentally....<br />
my best wishes for you and your children...

Congratulations for making it through and being in a good place after. I'm still in mine and it seems to just go on forever. But reading stories like yours shows that it eventually ends. Hugs and best wishes to you

I'm going through this right now and I have to think that my kids will be the better for it. We were miserable. I don't want my children to think that that is what marriage is...two people who ignore each other or say hurtful things to each other or have no respect for the other. Thanks for sharing your story. When mine is said and done and I come out the other side, perhaps I will write about mine.

God bless you

Shine Bright!

At different times I have been in pieces....but I am getting back to the me I should have been years ago and she is ready to shine after the darkness is now gone :-)

Well done on reaching the end .....and what would be in one piece Meg ....

Thank you muchly!

As this chapter in your life comes to a close a new chapter is just beginning----now you and the boys can begin to heal and hopefully it will only get better from now on.......wishing you love and happiness.

Actually it feels pretty good to know that the damn thing is over.....but we are parents together forever. So the fights will always be on some level but we are separate in life and now with our assets.<br />
<br />
The settlement is a relief!

feel good? :)

Its closure that I thought would have come a lot quicker but actually am grateful to have had as we learn from these lessons and look ahead to a new future :-)

Best wishes to your new future. Children are resilient and can adjust better than we might think. I'm glad there is finally closure for you and I'm glad your children are doing well, it sounds as if you are on the right track.

You are an amazing person for being able to see that and your children are so lucky to have a mother like you. There is a person out there for everyone but for now it sounds like your kids have got your back. Goodluck in what ever life may throw at you.

OK! I get boat rides whenever I want? Huh huh can I?

I know you will Love....<br />
<br />
I know you will...<br />
<br />
We can work out the adoption papers tomorrow...

I will have sweet dreams tonight! Guaranteed!

Hey now!!!!<br />
<br />
We'll just put it in this bright pink little piggy bank here right on your nightstand....<br />
<br />
Sweet dreams darling...<br />
<br />
Muaaa!!!<br />
<br />

lmao @ HS!!! Its mine all mine!!!!!

Hooray Sweetie!!!!<br />
<br />
You looking for an adoptive parent???<br />
<br />
I've been searching for a daughter with a cute 401k...<br />
<br />

Thanks Myo :-)

This is so good to hear. You got through it. Now you can continue your journey forward with a little more security and peace. Good luck! And Congratulations!

Thanks you guys :-) It means the world to have people care about me and my corner of the world :-)

Meg I am sorry to hear this. And yes you will be fine. If you look back now it is just more lifes hurdles that you had to endure. <br />
I am glad you can be happy.<br />
<br />
I went through the same **** as you mine went longer and my name is still on the house but she can have all the material stuff she wants. Whatever makes her happy...... God blesses you ......Life continues and I choose to move on with it.....

Congrats, Meg, on getting through it whole and for being such a great mom to your kids. Best of luck in your new life, sweetie! :)