Just Beginning The Process

Here I am after 38 years of marriage finding out that I am getting a divorce.  The house is going up to sell. I hope it does because I do not know how I will make the payments. I have paid the other bills and he paided the house payment. The good thing is I have a job.  I plan to look for weekend part time work also.  I have to live this process one day at a time.  The house is not in good repair as he did not care to keep it up. Just this monday I found out he has put a downpayment on a new house 6 hours away from here by accident. I really have to trust God and watch my thoughts. I have rented a storage space and packing up things to take to it.  I do not have family here that can help. What a growth experience for me at this time in my life.

starshine13 starshine13
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2 Responses Oct 8, 2009

I am wondering if all our properties and house and businesses go up for sale, but that will be fine with me because then he will have to start over just as I have after 26 years, and he has moved her in our house and not gave me a penny for 11 months now. I do not have a job, I lost mine going through this, also lost my health insurance. Thank god for family!

You will find lots of support on EP, so many people here have been through the same and though it was difficult at the time their life is so much better now.