Meth Is Horrible...

I started doing Meth when I was 15 years old...just occasionally..weekends and such...Life was tough..had a lot expected of school help take care of siblings..etc..I began doing it more and more..I LOVED IT...never sleep..never eat..plenty of time to do stuff...My best friends also were doing it with girl friends mom was a "cook" and I became her "runner" by the time i was 16..driving around with multiple large amounts..doing drops..collecting..after awhile it wasnt "fun" anymore..looking at myself in the mirror i noticed myself disappearing, no sparkle in my eyes...I was in many horrible and bad situations in my teen years because of this...I would stay up weeks and weeks at a time...becoming delirious and crazy...unable to get up for work without a friend holding a pipe to my mouth..It was a sad sad thing...So funny how you believe you are being productive when on this drug..but NEVER accomplish anything..always getting side tracked..I would FORGET to drink...I would be "dying" of thirst be on my way to the kitchen get distracted and 3-5 hours later realize I still had not gotten a drink...I had lost my mind..the amazing this is..I did not go to rehab..I did not seek help...I always kinda knew I was better than what i was doing and the people I was with..and one day after 5 years of everyday getting high with my girlfriend..told her I would be back later to do more and had every intent of doing so..but left and never came back...went to my dad..who had also had problems with drugs when i was a child..he is my best friend I love my Dad for always understanding me and believing in me. In the end I slept for about a month...and started drinking energy drinks heavily to transfer my addiction and now have been clean from this horrible disgusting drug for over 6 years now..Awesome! I cant believe the time I wasted..
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Great! You have some kind of powerful will power.

Congratulations, that's rough stuff. Never done it myself but I have seen the before and after things in real really ***** you up

How did you do it. Write me! I want to know!

You must be very proud of yourself..Way to go!!!

What an awesome story. I've never been addicted to anything I don't think, except so in that respect can't really say I fully understand what it's like, I mean how could I ?<br />
6 Years though, that's truly amazing !! What fantastic will power you must have. Lean forward and give yourself one well deserved pat on the back. :)

that,s an amazing story very inspiring you are a strong minded i was once trapped on crack i hated what i was doing it to me awhile a couple of years but i cut the tie to anyone using crack and i got off, but what you did is harder but i never did meth be proud of yourself, vinny

You go girl!!!! :)

WOW!!!!! You are a strong woman! I knew this was possible for people, it just depends on weather someone has had enough! I work at a rehab center and I love helping people with these problems. But deep down I know it has nothing to do with the help, it has everything to do with weather they are done or not. Thanks for sharing I know your story will be so helpful to those who currently are deciding weather they will change or not. :) sorry about your accident!!!!!

Why that is amazing that you made it though. I lost my father to meth. Thanks for sharing

Thank You all so was a very hard time in my life..Made me a very strong person though dont regret what i went through just glad i was able to survive as I've seen many..many..not make it..I really appreciate your comments XOXO

Rock on! I doubt I could've pulled that off myself if was in your situation. Drug addictions are really hard, nearly impossible to get rid of without external help. You're really an exceptional, amazingly strong person.

That's amazing!! You have so much more willpower and strength in you than you know. That is a happy ending in my opinion.